Circular Two-Color Brioche

Deepen your knitting repertoire with the stretchy and stunning brioche stitch worked in two colors. It isn’t as hard as you think! This traditional technique consists of slipped stitches, work 2-togethers and yarn overs to create a springy, double-sided fabric that is fully reversible. Learn how to work this deceptively simple stitch with this straight-forward circular method. Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to use two colors of yarn to work circular brioche, opening up a world of possibilities in your knitting.

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Written Steps

Circular Brioche stitch is worked as a two-round repeat. After working the setup round, repeat the two rounds as instructed below to create the stitch pattern. Definitions for abbreviations are given below.

Cast on with Color 1 and join to work in the round.

Setup Round (Color 2): Join in Color 2, *Sl-YO, purl 1; repeat from * to end.

Brioche Round 1 (Color 1): *BRK, bring yarn to front, Sl-YO; repeat from * to end.

Brioche Round 2 (Color 2): *With yarn in front, Sl-YO, BRP; repeat from * to end.

BRK: Brioche Knit

Knit the next stitch together with its corresponding yarn over from the previous row.

BRP: Brioche Purl

Purl the next stitch together with its corresponding yarn over from the previous row.

Sl-YO: Slip 1 with Yarn Over

Bring the working yarn under the needle to the front of the work, slip the next stitch from the L needle to the R needle as if to purl, then bring the yarn over the needle to the back (creating a yarn over on top of the slipped stitch); bring yarn into position to work the following stitch (in back for a knit, in front for a purl). This slipped stitch/yarn over pair is considered one stitch.

Featured Pattern


BT by Brooklyn Tweed

Begin your brioche journey with the approachable and quick-knitting First Brioche Hat. We designed this hat as a friendly introduction to Brioche Stitch. Using two colors but only one per round makes the structure of Brioche Stitch easier to understand for those new to this stitch. Worked in chunky-weight yarn, this fast-knitting beanie makes for great gift knitting.

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Featured Yarn

Quarry is a chunky sibling to Shelter and Loft, inspired by roving-style “unspun” yarns and offered in pillowy 100-gram skeins. Three strands of the same lofty, woolen-spun Targhee-Columbia fleece are gently spun together into a plump yarn that looks like a single ply and has greater tensile strength and stitch definition than a true unspun yarn.

Featured colors in this tutorial:

Citrine is a cool, swampy ochre muddled with olive, lime, and rust.

Granite is a steady, enduring, medium grey, Granite is very similar to Sweatshirt in the Loft and Shelter palette.

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