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Introductory patterns designed with new knitters in mind

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Consider BT by Brooklyn Tweed your roadmap to knitting adventure! These high quality patterns have inviting, easy-to-follow layouts and clarifying tutorials for each new skill. Incorporate additional techniques at your own pace and practice what you’ve learned with creative suggestions from our companion pdfs.

Enjoy the tactile pleasure of a new yarn with a free BTxBT pattern download to pair with your yarn purchase and learn which wool you like best!


As a beginner knitter knowing where and how to start your journey can feel daunting. Never fear! BTxBT patterns are especially designed to guide you through the process, from cast on to bind off. All techniques are explained with simple language and helpful tutorials to support you in building a solid foundation.

cloudline hat

interval shawl


New and seasoned knitters alike revel in the discovery of new techniques. BTxBT patterns provide a cohesive progression for your learning, slowly folding in new skills like lace, cables and construction as you knit your way from one pattern to the next.

first cables hat

A grouping of BT by Brooklyn Tweed First Cables Hat variations


Once you’ve mastered the basics, enrich your experience with experimentation. Select BTxBT patterns are paired with complimentary companion pdfs, featuring fun variations on the original design. Try your hand at additional cables, colors and motifs to further explore each theme.


nysa shawl

gossy bonnet

ezra baby cardigan

mitten ornament


turn a square

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