Circular One-Color Brioche

Deepen your knitting repertoire with the stretchy and stunning brioche stitch worked in a single color. It isn’t as hard as you think! This traditional technique consists of slipped stitches, work 2-togethers and yarn overs to create a springy, double-sided fabric that is fully reversible. Learn how to work this deceptively simple stitch with this straight-forward circular method. Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to use one color of yarn to work circular brioche, opening up a world of possibilities in your knitting.

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Written Steps

Circular Brioche stitch is worked as a two-round repeat. After working the setup round, repeat the two rounds as instructed below to create the stitch pattern. Definitions for abbreviations are given below.

Setup Round: *Sl-YO, purl 1; repeat from * to end.

Brioche Round 1: *BRK, bring yarn to front, Sl-YO; repeat from * to end.

Brioche Round 2 : *With yarn in front, Sl-YO, BRP; repeat from * to end.

BRK: Brioche Knit

Knit the next stitch together with its corresponding yarn over from the previous row.

BRP: Brioche Purl

Purl the next stitch together with its corresponding yarn over from the previous row.

Sl-YO: Slip 1 with Yarn Over

Bring the working yarn under the needle to the front of the work, slip the next stitch from the L needle to the R needle as if to purl, then bring the yarn over the needle to the back (creating a yarn over on top of the slipped stitch); bring yarn into position to work the following stitch (in back for a knit, in front for a purl). This slipped stitch/yarn over pair is considered one stitch.

Featured Pattern


BT by Brooklyn Tweed

Begin your brioche journey with the approachable and quick-knitting First Brioche Hat. We designed this hat as a friendly introduction to Brioche Stitch. Worked in chunky-weight yarn, this fast-knitting beanie makes for great gift knitting.

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