Thank you for your interest in knitting for us! Brooklyn Tweed currently has three different programs that serve unique purposes in the development and launch of our patterns.


Our Preview Knitting Program‘s goal is to celebrate and highlight the diversity of talent of our knitters around the world. By sharing our patterns with knitters in advance of our collection launches, we invite them to showcase their skills and passion for wool, knitting, and design. In turn, our Preview Knitters' posted projects on Ravelry and social media help inform future knitters about our patterns.

Preview Knitting is done on a volunteer basis, with Preview Knitters keeping their project. They receive the pattern they are previewing for free, and also receive a discount on yarns in our webshop.

Please feel free to express your interest in participating by completing our Preview Knitting interest form so we know how to reach you for a future round of Preview Knitting.


Our Sample Knitting Program is coordinated by the BT Pattern Production team. We call on our Sample Knitters throughout the year to produce samples to be photographed for our seasonal knitwear collections and individual pattern releases.

Sample Knitters are paid by the knitted yard for the garments or accessories that they make for us, and BT selects and provides the yarn for them. The finished product of their project is kept by BT to be sent on trunk shows to our stockists around the world. Sample Knitters also receive free yard-for-yard matching in the BT yarn of their choice upon completion and approval of a sample as well as additional yarn discounts and pattern perks.


Our ideal Sample Knitter is:

  • Proficient and experienced with most knitted garment construction methods
  • Able to confidently work from “bare bones” patterns still in development
  • Detail-oriented and willing to tackle a challenge
  • Able to learn new techniques independently
  • Able to manage their time wisely and adhere to strict deadlines
  • Open to consistent and timely communication with the designer, tech editor, and knitwear coordinator throughout the sample knitting process


Currently, we are looking to widen our pool and are particularly interested in working with advanced knitters of lace and stranded colorwork. Please note that due to shipping costs, we are looking for knitters in the continental United States, with special interest in folks in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

Interested? Fill out our Sample Knitting Application!

Due to the number of applications we receive for Sample Knitting, we do not have the ability to personally respond to every knitter, but we are sincerely grateful for your interest and time. Candidates who are being seriously considered as a new Sample Knitter will be contacted by email with more information regarding our procedures and rates.


The Beta Knitting Program is led and coordinated by the designers of our garment patterns. Beta Knitters are given an early version of the pattern by the designer and are asked to provide feedback on fit and sizing, which aids the designers in improving their patterns before they are edited by our tech team.

Beta Knitting is done on a volunteer basis. Beta Knitters keep their finished project which may be made in the yarn of their choosing so long as they meet the pattern’s listed gauge. They receive the pattern they are testing for free, and also receive a discount on yarns in our webshop. There is no expectation for Beta Knitters to share their projects on social media or Ravelry, but those who do so help inform future knitters about our patterns.

Interested in becoming a Beta Knitter? Fill out our Beta Knitting Interest Form so that we can share your information with our designers who may be looking for beta knitters for particular sizes. You can also see beta calls made by our designers here.