Have you ever wished that you could add your pattern purchases placed through the Brooklyn Tweed website to your Ravelry library? Well, thanks to Cassidy and the awesome team at Ravelry, you can!


Here’s how it works:

After purchasing your pattern on BrooklynTweed.com, navigate to your email inbox and locate your Order Confirmation email from Brooklyn Tweed. If the email is not showing up in your inbox, check your spam folder to see if it landed there.

Open the email and click “View your order”. 

Order confirmation page link

This will open up a new window in your browser with your order details. You will find a section for “Ravelry Library” midway down the page, under the box that reads, “Your order is complete”. From there, click the hyperlink, “ADD TO RAVELRY”.

Order confirmation page

This will open up the Ravelry website in your browser. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign into your Ravelry account at this stage. The sign in screen will appear as one of the following:

Ravelry sign-in

Ravelry pattern option

Once you have signed into your account, one of two things will happen, depending on the device and/or browser that you are using:

1. A popup will appear that reads, “Store [pattern name] in [username] Ravelry library?” with a button that reads, “yes, add to this library”; click this button, and voilà, your pattern has been added to your library!

Ravelry pop-up

2. If you do not receive a popup, you will see the order’s Pattern items on the Ravelry page along with an unchecked box in the upper left corner (or directly below on mobile) that reads, “not in my library”. 

Ravelry without pop-up

Click this box to activate a checkmark; the text should now read, “stored in my library”. Huzzah! Your pattern has been added to your Ravelry library. 

Ravelry pattern add confirmation

In your Ravelry library, your Brooklyn Tweed pattern will be available on your library shelf.


Alternatively, if you have an account on BrooklynTweed.com, you can also add your pattern to your Ravelry library by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the page to log in and navigate to your account overview:

Navigate to account

Next, select the order which contains the pattern(s) you would like to add to your Ravelry account:

My account page

Once on the order page, click the "Add to Ravelry" button which is below the pattern name and Download button:

Account order page

Once you're taken to Ravelry, follow the steps above to finish adding your pattern to your library!



If you receive an error message when clicking through to the Ravelry pattern page, try logging into your Ravelry account and then restart this process in a new tab. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact info@brooklyntweed.com.