In over a decade of publishing knitwear patterns, certain designs stand out. These are the pieces that have become a part of our daily lives — the tried-and-true sweaters we wear with everything, favorite hats we always grab first, reliable go-to gifts and our coziest comfort knits.

In curating this selection of our very favorite designs, our team meticulously combed BT’s design archive, deliberating over our personal favorites and reviewing feedback from thousands of customers to distill a handful of designs that represent the essence of BT: knits that fit well, feel good, and look great on every body, whether dressed up, dressed down, or customized with your own personal flair.

Welcome to Essentials.


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Lacy eyelet linework conjures images of coastal footbridges, the wake of a ship, or sea urchin shells.

Worked in airy, woolen-spun Loft or Tones Light, this ethereal piece wears like sea foam — gently floating but held together by the tensility of a thousand humble stitches.

Shown in Tones Light color Granita Overtone and Loft color Snowbound.


High-quality yarns thoughtfully designed from fiber to finish. Timeless patterns combining modern style and classic techniques. Design and material, working together.

Thorough pattern instructions and helpful tutorials that set you up for knitting success, backed up by our dedicated pattern support staff.

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Box Pullover


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This reversible scarf in slipped garter rib is a perfect project for less experienced knitters or for anyone who prefers simple, uncomplicated style.

Knit it in your favorite fingering weight yarn for a trim, handsome scarf; worsted weight for a cozy, oversized muffler to ward off wintry weather.

Shown in Tones color Deco Overtone, Shelter color Woodsmoke, Loft color Faded Quilt.

Kirigami in Arbor

An Icelandic-style colorwork yoke hand knit pullover lies on a wooden box.

Grettir in Shelter

A male model looking off to the left with his head turns slightly toward the camera models a hand knit cabled watchcap hat in a powder blue colored wool heathered yarn.

Link Hat in Imbue

Dunaway in Loft & Shelter

A woman on the oregon coast looking off to the left models a hand knit gansey cap in a chunky heathered yarn.

Burnaby Hat in Quarry

Closeup shot of a woman modelling a hand knit sideways textured cardigan in wool yarn.

Ebbie in Re•Ply Rambouillet

We’re not done yet – our list is ever-evolving, as we publish new designs and revive classic patterns with more inclusive sizing, improved instructions, updated photography and additional yarn choices. Keep checking back for fresh inspiration!

Umaro in Arbor

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