Upon completing your pattern purchase through our website, you will be provided with a link that takes you to a page to download your pattern(s):

Additionally, you will receive an email that includes a link to access the pattern download.

Though this link expires after a few days (meaning the link will no longer be active), your patterns will always be available for download in your library.

To view all of your pattern purchases, first log in to your BT account and navigate to your Order History page. When you look at the your Order History, your download will be tucked under the individual order number.

All patterns have an initial limit of 10 downloads. This limit is in place to deter illegal distribution of the digital pattern if you ever run into an issue where there are no downloads remaining feel free to send us a message at info@brooklyntweed.com and we will be happy to reset the limit for you.

Once you download and store the pattern on your computer or device, you should be able to open the saved version in the future — e.g. no need to re-download it each time you need it. You can also add the pattern to your Ravelry account, if you have one, by clicking the “Add to Ravelry” button to the right of your pattern download link. For more information about how to add your pattern to Ravelry, click here.

One of many benefits of having a digital pattern file is that you can customize how you would like to print it at home.

Generally speaking, our hope is to provide a thorough and thoughtfully considered pattern that includes a schematic, a special techniques section, as well as other helpful information to make one's knitting experience a joy. Of course, all of this information can increase the page length!

Should you wish to print out only the pages you need, you can do so by selecting the “From” button in the “Pages” section in your printer settings, and typing in the page range you wish to print. From your printer settings, you can also select whether or not you would like to print a two-sided document (if your printer has that capability), as well as if you would like to print multiple pages on the same sheet of paper.