The Icelandic Bind Off is quite elastic and blends well into garter stitch fabric. Try it on shawls or anywhere else you may need a stretchy bind off edge!

Written Steps

Step 1: With yarn held in back, insert R needle purlwise through the first stitch on L needle and then knitwise into the front loop of the second stitch on L needle, pulling the second stitch through the first stitch but leaving both stitches on L needle.

Step 2: Wrap yarn around R needle tip to knit the second stitch, then drop both the second stitch and the passed-over first stitch from the L needle at once.

Step 3: Transfer new stitch back to L needle.

Repeat Steps 1–3 until 1 stitch remains on L needle. Break yarn and fasten off last stitch.

Featured Yarn: Arbor (Seaglass)

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