This Brooklyn Tweed knitting tutorial will teach you how to work the Dropped Chain Stitch featured in our Halus hat pattern - it's fun and easy! Grab a crochet hook and let's learn how.

Written Steps

Start by ensuring that you have a locking stitch marker at the base of each column of knit stitches that you're going to drop for your chain. (In the pattern, you'll establish your columns by transferring three live stitches to a locking stitch marker in the first round of the chart.)

Drop the 3 knit stitches you've set up for your chain. Unravel all 3 stitches down to Round 1 of Chart (just above the locking marker). You will have wide ladders of yarn from Round 1 to current round. Insert crochet hook knitwise into all 3 stitches on the locking marker below last ladder, removing marker. Pick up first 2 ladders with end of hook and draw them through all 3 stitches on hook (1 doubled-yarn stitch on hook), *pick up next 3 ladders with end of hook and draw through stitch on hook (1 tripled-yarn stitch on hook); repeat from * until all ladders have been latched back up to current row (1 tripled-yarn stitch on hook). Transfer stitch from hook to L needle and knit it with working yarn.

Featured pattern: Halus by Jared Flood

Featured yarn: Quarry

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