Next Auction: August 1-8, 2024 

What are samples?

For every pattern that we produce, we commission our sample knitters to create one or more finished items, often in multiple colors, sizes, and yarns. Samples are used for photography and for trunk shows at local yarn stores for customers to see and try on in person.

What is a sample sale?

Our sample sale is your chance to enjoy beautiful hand knitted Brooklyn Tweed designs – no knitting required.

With over 700 designs published, our sample closet is bursting at the seams! While it’s hard to bid farewell to these lovely pieces, we’re making room for new samples by offering a curated selection of sample garments and accessories for purchase.

Proceeds from our sample sale help us produce samples for upcoming patterns in a wider range of yarns, colors, and sizes, making it easier for knitters to picture themselves in our designs.

Treat yourself or a loved one to cozy handknits in your favorite Brooklyn Tweed yarns. Knitters or not, everyone loves being wrapped in some handmade woolly goodness!


Our sample sale will be conducted in an auction format - the highest bidder for each item at the conclusion of the auction will receive that item.

You must have an account on and be logged in to participate. Winners will be notified via email.


Before the auction:

  • Create an account on or log in to your existing account.
  • Register/login here:
  • You must be logged in to place a bid.

During the auction:

  • Ready to bid?
    • To participate, there is a $2 joining fee per sample item
    • The fee is your auction entry ticket! Once paid, you may bid as many times as you wish on that sample.
    • For entry, click the “Join auction” button on the sample you want to bid on and proceed to payment through our regular checkout. Once paid, return to the sample product page. The button will now read “Place My Bid,” and you are free to bid on that sample as you like.
  • To place a Single Bid:
    • Enter your bid amount in an increment of $5.00 and click “Place My Bid”.
    • Click “Proceed” on the pop-up confirmation to place your bid.
  • Proxy Bidding:
    • Click “Place Automatic Bid”
    • Set the maximum amount that you wish to bid and click “Place Proxy Bid.”
    • The auction system will place bids for you up to your maximum amount.
  • Popcorn Bidding:
    • If a winning bid is placed within the final minutes of the auction period, the system automatically adds time to the clock to give participants another chance to bid.
  • Need help? If you placed a bid incorrectly and need to change the amount, email customer service at

After the auction:

  • Winners will be automatically notified via email.
  • You’ll be invoiced to pay for the sample within 24 hours of the auction end time.
  • Upon receipt of the invoice, you will have 48 hours to submit payment for your item. Items not paid for within 48 hours may be transferred to the next highest bidder.
  • Email if you have questions about making payment.


What is Proxy Bidding?

With proxy bidding, the auction system automatically bids on your behalf up to a maximum bid amount that you choose.

How does Proxy Bidding work?

An auction starts with $10 as the starting bid. You place a proxy bid of $50. The system will automatically start bidding from $10 in increments of $5 up to $50 on your behalf.

If another bidder comes to place a bid, they will see the current bid at $10. If they place a bid of $15, then they will be automatically outbid by you at $20, and so on, up to the maximum bid amount of $50 that you selected.

(Note that bids are placed in increments of $5.00)

What is Popcorn Bidding?

Popcorn bidding is a way of giving bidders who are outbid in the final minutes of an auction an opportunity to rebid. This establishes a fair playing field by allowing the highest bidders several opportunities to rebid before the auction closes.

Popcorn bidding automatically extends the scheduled closing time by 1 minute after the last bid is made and allows for up to 5 opportunities to rebid. Each new bid resets the clock, giving the customer who was last outbid another minute to rebid. The highest bidder after 5 minutes or after 5 total popcorn bids have been placed wins the auction.


All sales final. No returns or exchanges. Free shipping for items shipped within the United States. $12 flat rate for items shipped internationally. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

Each item has been hand knitted in the USA by our expert sample knitters and is in good condition. Samples may show signs of gentle wear from use at photoshoots and for trunk shows at Brooklyn Tweed stockists.