Stem Stitch Bind Off

This tutorial will teach you the elastic Stem Stitch Bind Off. This simple sewn bind off yields an incredibly stretchy edge that still looks polished and tidy. If you are a fan of the traditional Long-Tail Cast On, this technique will perfectly mirror the look of that cast on, lending symmetry to the start and finish of your project. Let us walk you through this springy cast off and add another skill to your roster of finishing techniques.

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This is a sewn bind off. Cut working yarn leaving a tail approximately 4 to 5 times the width of the piece to be bound off. Thread onto a tapestry needle.

Step 1: Insert tapestry needle knitwise into the second stitch on L needle (image 1a), bringing it out to the back of the work (image 1b).

Step 2: Insert tapestry needle purlwise into the first stitch, working from the back towards the front (image 2a), and bringing needle under the strand of yarn that is threaded through the second stitch (image 2b).

Step 3: Drop the first stitch off the L needle, and pull yarn gently through.

Repeat steps 1–3 until one stitch remains, twisting the yarn in the direction in which it is plied to add tensile strength as you sew. Draw yarn through final stitch and fasten off.

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