Sloped Bind Off

This tutorial will teach you to work a Sloped Bind-off, useful for binding off any angled edge in your knitting. Get smoother shoulder seams and sleeve caps with this easy technique.

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Sloped Bind Off Knitting Tutorial - Step 1a
Sloped Bind Off Knitting Tutorial - Step 1b
Step 1: Work the first bind off row(s) at the garment edge(s) as usual. One row before the next bind off row, work to the last stitch of the row (image 1a) and turn (image 1b).
Note: The last stitch can also be slipped (unworked) to the R needle at the end of the row, then slipped back to the R needle after turning the work.
Sloped Bind Off Knitting Tutorial - Step 2a
Sloped Bind Off Knitting Tutorial - Step 2b
Step 2: Slip the first stitch from the L needle purlwise (image 2a). Pass the unworked stitch of the previous row over the slipped stitch (the first stitch is bound off) (image 2b).
Step 3: Bind off the remaining stitches as usual. Repeat until you have bound off your entire sloped edge.

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