This method of binding off, "un-vented" by the illustrious Elizabeth Zimmermann, uses a tapestry needle and a long yarn tail. It's our preferred method when a highly elastic bind-off edge that holds its shape is needed – excellent for garter stitch (and other stitch patterns as well!)

Written Steps

Step 1: Slip the tip of your tapestry needle through the first two stitches on L needle as if to purl and pull yarn through, leaving these two stitches on the L needle.

Step 2: Place the tip of the tapestry needle through the first stitch on L needle knitwise and slip this stitch off the needle. Pull yarn tail through. 1 stitch has been bound off.

Note: As you work, pay attention to the elasticity of your bound-off edge. If it needs to be stretchier, pull the yarn less tightly when working the bind off. If it is too loose, pull the yarn more tightly as you work the bind off.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until a single stitch remains on L needle. Slip final stitch off the needle (it has already been secured by the working yarn) and pull working yarn snugly. Weave yarn tail in invisibly on the WS of fabric.

Featured yarn: Arbor (Mesa)

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