Pom poms can add that special, whimsical finishing touch to hats, shawls, socks, and more! There are a lot of different ways to make them, but this is what we've found to be the simplest method to form an even, round pouf.

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You'll need yarn for the pom pom, some cardboard, a pencil, a scissors, and something to draw circles (we like to use a compass, but you could also trace from a glass or candle holder).


Step 1: Draw a 3” diameter circle on a piece of cardboard. Draw a second circle, 1” in diameter, centered inside the first. Draw a wedge, approximately 1” wide, joining the two circles. like a “C”).

Step 2: Cut out a second identical cardboard shape.

Step 3: Hold the two pieces of cardboard together and wind the yarn around them until the center hole is filled.

Step 4: With sharp scissors, cut the yarn around the perimeter of the cardboard shapes.

Step 5: Then take a length of yarn and wrap it around the short cut strands, wrapping between the two cardboard shapes. Tie very tightly.

Step 6: Remove cardboard pieces. Trim pom-pom evenly.


And there you have it! Go forth and embellish your knitted wardrobe with woolly poms.