We at Brooklyn Tweed intentionally partner with ranches where the animals are carefully tended. Our ranchers do not utilize harmful practices on the animals.

Specifically, they do not implement mulesing, which is one of the greater concerns in world wool production. Thankfully, the practice of mulesing is almost completely non-existent with US producers and is definitely not in practice at the ranches we work with. Each spring, the flocks receive their annual shearing. While the shearers of the sheep are paid by volume, we have been assured both by our wool brokers and the ranch owners that this does not mean the shearing process is harmful. In fact, the percentage of animals that experience any shearing-related problems or injuries is under 1%.

To keep the sheep from being consumed by ticks and lice right after shearing, the ranchers employ veterinary-approved insecticides, akin to pest-control treatment for domestic dogs and cats. Since a stressed or sick sheep would have a weak fleece, it is in the best interest of the farmers to keep their sheep healthy and happy.

The ranchers we work with take great care to ensure the health and well being of their sheep, and, as a result of their careful tending, we are able to produce our beautiful yarns from high quality wool.

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