Because of the handmade nature of our yarns, artisanal variations can occur with each color palette. Each lot is custom blended. While often there is no discernible difference from lot to lot, it is a good practice to purchase all the yarn needed for a project at the same time.

Our woolen-spun yarns are true dyed-in-the-wool yarns and color variation across dye lots can occur as a result of a fresh batch being weighed and blended for each different dye lot at Harrisville Designs and Crescent Woolen Mills. Imbue, which is fleece-dyed but worsted-spun, goes through similar blending at Kraemer Textiles. Color variation across lots can also occur with our other worsted-spun yarns which are dyed-in-the-skein with custom dye baths mixed at Caledonian Dye Works and Wayne Mills.

For best results and to avoid any potential striping, you may wish to alternate skeins regardless of whether you are mixing lots or working from the same lot.
When working with Dapple, we highly recommend alternating skeins to blend or fade the rich tonal variations within colorways. Please see our Dapple Tips page for more resources!

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