Happy 10th Anniversary Brooklyn Tweed!

As a long time customer and friend of the team, I thought I’d share a few of my own personal BT moments from your first decade to highlight how the company you’ve created has become such a source of creative joy.

I was lucky to find Jared Flood and his blog back before Brooklyn Tweed became a company and a calling. I remember beautifully lit photography, artful swatches, simply styled compositions, subtle texture and most of all, passion for the craft of knitting and the beauty it creates. Jared’s obvious passion helped spur my own. And, knitting his Cobblestone Sweater became a milestone for me as a semi-new knitter: the alluring garter stitch and ingenious yoke combined with a beautiful tweed to create the first sweater I knit for my husband.

But the beauty that Jared was spinning into the world only intensified in 2010 with the launch of Brooklyn Tweed, the company. The designs, the designers, the photography, the inspiration, the techniques, and, from the beginning, the Shelter.

Can we take a minute to talk about Shelter? My abiding love for its heathery beauty? I’ve loved it via hats, cables and brioche goodness. It is the heart of my stash, my go-to for comfort knitting. It has become my favorite Rosebud and the woolen warmth of my Bellows. It has been there for me as I knit in hospitals, in front of campfires and on long flights. It is warm hats for family, and stranded-knitting triumphs.

Beyond Shelter, Brooklyn Tweed has become a gorgeous flowering of patterns, designers, yarns, color and beauty over the last 10 years. Jared, Luigi and the rest of their wonderful team deftly combine creativity, passion, craft, inspiration and dedication to create moments that stand out in my knitting life.


lace eyelet hand knit baby blanket in Ranch 01 American wool yarn

[image shows Bounce baby blanket from Tin Can Knits worked in Ranch 01 Natural and Marigold]


Because of their work, I’ve waited on the doorstep of the Yarnery in St. Paul for the release of Brooklyn Tweed Woolens and then kept myself warm during a Minnesota winter by knitting a large and lovely Crosshatch that got warmer and squishier as it appeared in my lap. I’ve made a beeline for the Websters yarn shop in Ashland, Oregon to nab the newly released Ranch 01 and immediately sat on a bench in nearby Lithia Park to cast on a baby blanket for my beloved new grandchild. The wooly Quarry became a passion via Ginsberg on a road trip across the western United States and then made its appearance, helping me look fabulous, at my new job.


Ginsberg and Rosebud hand knitting patterns in American wool yarn

[image shows Rosebud hat in Shelter, Wool Socks colorway and Ginsberg cardigan in Quarry, Sandstone] 


The patterns, yarns, designers, stockist yarn shops and community that Brooklyn Tweed’s creativity has built has been a big part of my last decade. New work like the thoughtful Apart Together initiative and beautiful Dapple ensure that Brooklyn Tweed will be foundational to my next decade too.

Thank you for that.

Happy happy 10th Anniversary.


  • This is such a lovely ode to Brooklyn Tweed. It is like a celebratory toast. I raise my glass, too!

    Arielle on

  • A nice tribute. Happy 10th to Brooklyn Tweed!

    CarolM on

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