The crunch and rustle of leaves underfoot, the scent of sun-warmed brick and the mellowed pages of library books. Everything is new again; the doors before you stand open, welcoming you into a space of creativity and learning.

Ring the bell — school’s back in!

Step to the head of the class!

Sharpen your pencils – you’ll want to take note of these knitterly details.

A study in texture.

Effortless ease for your back-to-school fits.

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Brooklyn Tweed Arbor yarn in color Burnished



Brooklyn Tweed Arbor yarn in color Fleet



Brooklyn Tweed Peerie yarn in color Morel



Brooklyn Tweed Peerie yarn in color Alizarin



Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn in color Soot



Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn in color Long Johns

long johns


Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn in color Yellowstone



Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn in color Iceberg


Meet the Designers

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Enikö Balogh

Enikö Balogh

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Aistė Butkevičienė

Aistė Butkevičienė

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Shayla Crowel

Shayla Crowel

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Nataliya Guseva

Nataliya Guseva

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Maria Matveeva

Maria Matveeva

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Olya Mikesh

Olya Mikesh

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Paula Pereira

Paula Pereira

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction & Photography: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Sue McCain & Boann Petersen

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Andrea Lum & Kephren Pritchett

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Pattern Translations: Leticia Cinto (for Veasey in Portuguese) & Aistė Butkevičienė (for Saddler in Russian)

Select Sample Knitting: Peter Kennedy & Emme Von

Copywriting: Kel Moore

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Hair & Makeup: Kylie Sallee

Models: Khafre Roho & Jamie Zella

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Videography: Kenny Hamlett

Designer Bios

Enikö Balogh

Tampere, Finland

Enikö is a freelance scriptwriter and singer and hopefully future full-time knitwear designer who lives in Tampere, Finland. In her spare time she snowboards, walks, and knits a lot. She loves colorwork.

IG: @baloghenikoe  |  #enikoknits

Aistė was born in Lithuania, a small country with deep and broad knitting traditions where almost every woman knits. Having knit her first sweater at age eleven, she has been passionate about knitting for as long as she can remember. Now Aistė designs knitwear. Strongly believing that patterns should be tailored to fit you perfectly, she focuses her designs on garments that fit the curves of all women. Read her secrets for successful knitting at (vilnonis means woolen in Lithuanian).

IG: @aisteb1973 | #aisteb1973handknitwear

Aistė Butkevičienė

Vilnius, Lithuania

Shayla Crowel

La Mesa, California

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Shayla developed an interest in fiber arts while attending college and learned to sew, embroider, and crochet. She taught herself to knit soon after and quickly fell in love with knitting. In mid-2019 she decided she wanted to give knitwear designing a go and published her first pattern, Tarweed, in May 2020.

IG: @waxflowerstudio | #waxflowerstudio

Nataliya Guseva is a sock knitter designer from the Volga Upland region of Russia. Knitting and designing socks is her favorite game, finding the perfect combination of color, pattern, and texture.

IG: @Pauk_tkach_tro | #паукткачтроглодит

Nataliya Guseva

Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russia

Maria Matveeva

Kaluga, Russia

Originally from Orenburg, Maria lives in the beautiful Russian city of Kaluga, the birthplace of cosmonautics. She learned to knit as a child, watching her grandmother who dyed goat down and sheep wool to be hand spun as fine thread and knitted into weightless Orenburg shawls. These days, Maria is pleased to dye yarn for bright and unusual projects as she tries to come up with innovative new designs.

IG: @glamourknits | #mkglamourknits

Olya is a life-long maker who loves to play with color, texture, and design elements while combining traditional techniques with modern styles. Having studied art in college, she enjoys a variety of mediums for artistic expression, from oil painting to pottery to fiber arts. When she is not busy homeschooling her five children, she loves to learn new fiber-related skills. In 2020, she discovered knitwear design and began working on projects for numerous publications as well as publishing her own patterns on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

Ravelry: oliya

Olya Mikesh

Mequon, Wisconsin

Paula Pereira

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paula is a knitter, designer, and teacher who believes that inspiration comes from people, art, and nature. She is passionate about working with yarn and needles as tools to transform daily life inspirations into garments and accessories. Her work focuses on textures, great fit, smart details, and interesting constructions in handmade knitwear.

IG: @paulapkl | #paulapereiraknits

Fall Favorites from the Pattern Library






Runnel Scarf & Cowl



Launching October 13th

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