soft & sturdy knits for a child's world of adventures

soft & sturdy knits ready for a child’s world of adventures


stranded colorwork hat in Dapple or Arbor by Enikö Balogh


textured shawl-collar cardigan in Arbor by Jennifer Parroccini


eyelet-trim raglan pullover in Arbor by Orlane Sucche


stranded colorwork pullover in Loft by Sophie Ochera


mosaic colorwork pullover in Peerie by Diana Yi-Monnier

fawn and fox

knitted toys in Peerie by Olya Mikesh

fawn and fox hats

children's hats in Arbor by Olya Mikesh

Fawn & Fox Toys by Olya Mikesh | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Fawn & Fox Hats by Olya Mikesh | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Fawn & Fox Hats by Olya Mikesh | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Arlecchino by Sophie Ochera| Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Thisby by Orlane Sucche | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Teasel by Jennifer Parroccini | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Zando by Eniko Balogh | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern
Muisje by Diane Yi Monnier | Brooklyn Tweed knitwear pattern

forest stroll blanket
beginner-friendly blanket in Tones. Part of our BT by Brooklyn Tweed collection

meet the designers

Enikö Balogh

Tampere, Finland

Enikö is a freelance scriptwriter and singer and hopefully future full-time knitwear designer who lives in Tampere, Finland. In her spare time she snowboards, walks, and knits a lot. She loves colorwork.

IG: @baloghenikoe | #enikoknits

Olya Mikesh

Mequon, Wisconsin

Olya is a life-long maker who loves to play with color, texture, and design elements while combining traditional techniques with modern styles. Having studied art in college, she enjoys a variety of mediums for artistic expression, from oil painting to pottery to fiber arts. When she is not busy homeschooling her five children, she loves to learn new fiber-related skills. In 2020, she discovered knitwear design and began working on projects for numerous publications as well as publishing her own patterns on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

Ravelry: oliya

Sophie Ochera

Caen, France

Coming from a textile design background, Sophie loves to design highly decorative and colorful knitwear patterns that are inspired by textiles and folk costumes from around the world. She has been designing textiles for the fashion industry since 2004, including prints, wovens, and knits. Specializing in colorwork and Fair Isle techniques, Sophie has recently begun writing knitting patterns for handknitters and finds the process hugely rewarding.

IG: @sophieocheraknitwear | #sophieocheraknitwear

Jennifer Parroccini

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A native of Maryland's tidewater region, Jen lives outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, young daughter, and elderly Great Dane. Inspired by the surfaces of the natural world, her designs incorporate deep texture and fine finishing. Her children's patterns are designed for busy parents and children's preferences and feature a mix of skill-building and quick-knitting elements.

IG: @JP_Knits_Things | #JPKnitsThings

Orlane Sucche

Lille, France

Orlane is a designer from France where she lives with her partner and their two daughters. With a master’s degree in Sociology, she has worked a variety of jobs yet has always devoted part of her time to creating her own clothes. Now a full-time knitwear designer, Orlane focuses on creating simple yet elegant garments. Inspired by her interest in art and popular culture, she creates timeless and easy-going shapes that are in line with her principles of durability and empowerment.

IG: @tete_beche | #tete_beche

Diana Yi-Monnier

London, UK

Diana lives in London and enjoys making knitwear in her free time. Art, craft, and everyday life inspire her.

IG: @dianayimonnier | #dianayimonnier

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Boann Petersen & Kephren Pritchett

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Kerry Bullock-Ozkan & Andrea Lum

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Select Sample Knitting: Sara Cade

Photography: Shelby Brakken

Models: Ivy, Pablo & Lindsey Landaverde

Copywriting: Kel Moore

Marketing: Allison Ause & Kel Moore

Fullfillment: Kathryn Hendrix

Pattern Translation: Arlecchino in French (Sophie Ochera)

Location: Pájaro (SW Portland, Oregon)

@brooklyntweed | #BTLittles

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