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Home. The place where family dwells, where friends are welcomed, where we gather close the things we hold most dear. The place that restores us, where we create, where we dream, where we are free to be our most authentic selves.

BURCHETT by Viktoria Shevchuk in Dapple

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”


OIVA by Camille Romano in Shelter or Tones

RHYLLIS by Cheryl Toy in Shelter or Tones

CORMEL by Lyudmila Aksenik in Loft

CORMEL by Lyudmila Aksenik in Loft

MAYBECK by Ksenia Naidyon in Peerie

WYKE by ema marinescu in Shelter or Tones

BRESSON by Alma Bali in Tones or Shelter

Bundle I includes: Bresson, Wyke, Cormel and Rhyllis

Bring home your Homewear favorites! Choose from our curated pattern bundles – instant inspiration for the coziest of handmade capsule wardrobes.

Bundle II includes: Maybeck, Burchett and Oiva

Bring home your Homewear favorites! Choose from our curated pattern bundles – instant inspiration for the coziest of handmade capsule wardrobes.

Bundle I includes: Bresson, Wyke, Cormel and Rhyllis

Bundle II includes: Maybeck, Burchett and Oiva

Meet the Designers

Image of desk with colored pencils and knitted swatch of Rhyllis
Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Lyudmila Aksenik

Lyudmila Aksenik

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Alma Bali

Alma Bali

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Ema Marinescu

ema marinescu

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Ksenia Naidyon

Ksenia Naidyon

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Camille Romano

Camille Romano

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Viktoria Shevchuk

Viktoria Shevchuk

Brooklyn Tweed knitwear designer Cheryl Toy

Cheryl Toy

Designer Bios

Lyudmila Aksenik

Moscow, Russia

Lyudmila is Russian and lives in Moscow with her husband, two daughters and two dogs. Her knitting journey started in middle school, but back then it didn’t quite "stick." Later on, as a stay-at-home mom, she began knitting for her daughters, and in 2014 she started selling her hand-knit items. Realizing she wanted to create her own designs, Lyudmila began publishing patterns in 2016 (with English translations since 2017).

Cormel is offered in both English and Russian.

IG: @Mrs_knowall

Alma Bali first learned to knit as a small child with her grandmother. When she grew up, her mother — a weaver and textile designer — introduced her to the art of weaving, but it’s through knitting that Alma came back to the textile crafts as a designer. She especially appreciates how knitting brings people together, and holds dear the strong friendships she has built throughout the knitting community.

Alma splits her time between architecture — she founded her own architecture company in Paris — and knitting. Wherever she finds herself, Alma always has knitting at hand. She likes how both practices navigate between abstract concepts and concrete objects.

Bresson is offered in both English and French.

IG: @alma.bali | #almabaliknits

Alma Bali

Paris, France

ema marinescu


Ema inherited the crafting bug from her grandmothers, both of whom were amazingly creative women. After learning to knit as a child, many years later she discovered that her hands didn’t forget and were hungry for more. Nowadays she designs playful garments and accessories inspired by the natural world.

She loves long forest walks, gardening, baking bread and making sure that everyone around her has all the handknits they will ever need during their lifetime.

IG: @ito_ishi | #itoishi

Ksenia Naidyon is a full-time indie designer and a creative force behind Life Is Cozy. After receiving a degree in mathematics and working in the field for many years, Ksenia decided to give her lifelong passion for fiber arts a proper chance. She has been creating knit and crochet patterns since moving to San Francisco in 2015. Life Is Cozy designs are modern, stylish, and easy to wear. They have been featured on the pages of various publications, including Pom Pom, Making and Interweave magazines. Ksenia also produces video tutorials to accompany her patterns, is a passionate knit/crochetwear photographer, and enjoys every minute of it!

IG @life_is_cozy | #lifeiscozy

Ksenia Naidyon

San Francisco, California, USA

Camille Romano

Helsinki, Finland

Camille Romano is a French freelance illustrator and visual designer based in Helsinki, Finland who has not dropped her knitting needles since she learned the basics as a child. She prefers fairly simple yet modern designs with interesting visual or technical details such as cables, the whole range of brioche stitches, and cropped/oversized fits. Inspired by nature, seasons, and landscapes, at the core of her design work is a passion for color, textures, and a curiosity to experiment with new techniques.

Oiva is offered in both English and French.

IG: @camillejulieromano | #camillejulieromano

Knitting for Viktoria is a wonderful world full of creativity, experimentation, mathematical calculations and, of course, communication with an amazing community of like-minded people. She loves to invent new designs which originate in her mind as 3-D models. Ideas may come to her at anytime, in any place, and always result in making her absolutely happy.

IG: @viktoria.ptz

Viktoria Shevchuk

Moscow, Russia

Cheryl Toy

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

From her tiny studio in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cheryl Toy avidly knits, teaches and designs knitwear. A former Set Designer and Art Director for film and television, Cheryl frequently draws on historical references to create engaging knits that focus on simple, timeless shapes. Amusing details and quirky techniques fascinate her. Cheryl’s work can be found in collections by Brooklyn Tweed, Interweave Knits and Hudson + West Co.

IG: @littlechurchknits

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Sue McCain

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Kerry Bullock-Ozkan & Andrea Lum

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Select Sample Knitting: Betsy Farmer & Ingrid Trombley

Photography: Shelby Brakken

Models: Chloe Brown & Ceci Orozco

Copywriting: Kel Moore

Marketing: Allison Ause & Kel Moore

Fulfillment: Kathryn Hendrix

Pattern Translations: Alma Bali (Bresson in French), Olga Barshai (Cormel in Russian) & Camille Romano (Oiva in French)

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