The kiss of sunlight on your cheek. The warm breeze fluttering against your skin. Summer arrives as a soothing balm for weary souls.


Stranded Colorwork Tee in Dapple by Stephanie Lotven


Mosaic Colorwork Shawl in Peerie by Bérangère Cailliau


Colorwork Yoke Pullover in Arbor orDapple by Paula Pereira

Unwind with this versatile assembly of easy-wearing knits — designed for gingham picnics and indolent afternoons under shady trees.


Textured Vest in Dapple by Aude Martin


Cabled Socks in Peerie by Nataliya Guseva


Striped Triangle Shawl in Dapple, Arbor or Peerie by Stefanie Sichler


Textured Pullover in Dapple or Arbor by Nomagugu Ndlovu


Textured Triangle Shawl in Arbor by Victoria Burgess

“ lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

― John Lubbock

meet the designers

Victoria Burgess

Seattle, Washington

Victoria began knitting at 12 years of age to make leg warmers for ballet class. Many years and projects later, she began writing her own patterns. She enjoys knitting outside and stocking her wardrobe with handknits.

IG: @victoriouswool | #victoriouswool

Bérangère Cailliau

Douvrin, France

Bérangère Cailliau lives in Northern France. She loves shawls, stoles, and clothing that people can wear easily. Playing with colors and textured stitches brings her great enjoyment, as well as finding ways to integrate geometry into her designs.

IG: @lilofil | #lilofil #berangerecailliau

Nataliya Guseva

The Volga Upland region of Russia

Nataliya Guseva is a sock knitter and designer from the Volga Upland region of Russia. Knitting and designing socks is her favorite game, finding the perfect combination of color, pattern, and texture.

IG: @Pauk_tkach_tro | #паукткачтроглодит

Stephanie Lotven

Bloomington, Indiana

Stephanie Lotven is the author of Knit Happy with Self-Striping Yarn. She is a knitwear designer, yarn addict, and photographer. Creator of Tellybean Knits, Stephanie has been designing knitting patterns for nearly a decade. Stephanie’s designs deal with the geometry of the body, seeking to highlight its natural contours using unexpected, uncomplicated shapes. She believes that learning should be joyful, and that no knitter should struggle when yarn is present.

IG: @tellybeanknits | #tellybeanknits

Aude Martin

Avignon, France

After graduating in Fashion Design in Geneva, Aude lived in Paris, Stockholm, and Lyon before settling in Avignon. She initially worked on trend forecasting, then as a costume designer, while creating knitwear pieces and accessories. She now focuses on freelance knitwear design, hand knitting, and foreign language teaching from beautiful and inspiring southern France. Aude loves Scandinavian and Japanese design, as well as historical and folk costume details, combined with vintage fashion.

IG: audemartok | #audemartok

Nomagugu Ndlovu

Johannesburg, South Africa

Noma Ndlovu is a knitwear designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She enjoys designing sweaters and accessories, and has developed a special fondness for socks. She also loves the textured fabric you get from simply playing around with knit and purl stitches.

IG: @biggerthanlife_knits | #biggerthanlifeknits

Paula Pereira

São Paulo, Brazil

Paula is a knitter, designer, and teacher who believes that inspiration comes from people, art, and nature. She is passionate about working with yarn and needles as tools to transform daily life inspirations into garments and accessories. Her work focuses on textures, great fit, smart details, and interesting constructions in handmade knitwear.

IG: @paulapkl | #paulapereiraknits

Stefanie Sichler

Beaverton, Oregon

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Stefanie currently calls Beaverton, Oregon home. With a background in fine arts and therapy, she focuses her designs on graphic textures and a meditative knitting experience. Creatively, Stefanie finds inspiration in nature’s patterns and her designs often begin with two intertwined processes, painting and swatching.

IG: @fiberjourneys

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Sue McCain

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Andrea Lum & Kephren Pritchett

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Select Sample Knitting: Ellie Frye, Deirdre Kennedy, Elke Probst & Lis Smith

Photography: SITU Creative

Models: Omar & Alyssa

Copywriting: Allison Ause

Marketing: Allison Ause & Kel Moore

Fullfillment: Kathryn Hendrix

Pattern Translation: Bajadas by Bérangère Cailliau (French)

Location: The Croft Farm (Sauvie Island, Oregon)

#BTintheWild | #BTSummer

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