Creative illustration of overdye process with a paint roller painting over baseline overtone and baseline undertone skeins

one color. two shades.

Tones is a versatile worsted weight yarn, woolen spun from American Columbia fleeces, with a round and springy 3-ply construction for stitch definition that shines in textured and cabled knits. But we didn’t stop there – Tones’ unique colorways offer countless options for creativity.

Tones begins with our two heathered “baseline” yarns, one light and one dark, which we overdye together to create Tone Pairs of harmonious shades. Go light & bright with your favorite color’s Overtone, or choose the Undertone for a deeper, more subdued variation.

Mix and match Overtones and Undertones in colorwork or stripes for painterly harmony in your fabric. Craft vibrant combinations with Overtones and Undertones of different hues, or go for a more subtle approach by pairing an Overtone and Undertone from the same colorway.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

Three Brooklyn Tweed Turn A Square hats depicting different ways of mixing colorways with Tones.
Brooklyn Tweed Sparkwood Hat showing Stonewash Undertone and Stonewash Overtone pairing

unique colorways, in two shades each

worsted weight3-plywoolen-spun 140 yards (128 meters), approx. 50g

4¼ - 5 stitches per inchUS 7 - 9 (4½ - 5½ mm)
















knit it with tones

Tones is a quick-knitting go-to for sweaters, accessories, blankets and more! Woolen-style spinning keeps your knits lightweight and warm, while the 3-ply construction ensures every stitch is a standout. Create dazzling colorwork, bold textures, or simply enjoy the springy squish of 100% American Columbia wool as you knit. Try Tones in all of your favorite worsted weight patterns – it’s a perfect match for Shelter in gauge and yardage!


designed by Jared Flood

A friendly introduction to sweater knitting! Worked in the round, no seaming required. Try-on-as-you-go top-down construction ensures it fits just right. Prefer a slimmer sleeve or tapered fit? Express your personal style with the additional shaping options in our downloadable pattern companion. The first garment in our beginner-friendly BT by Brooklyn Tweed series!

  • In 11 sizes from 35½”- 75½”/90–192 cm
  • Get the pattern free with your Tones yarn purchase!


designed by Lis Smith

Keep warm and cozy through all your adventures with touchable textures in Tones! Thick blocks of honeycomb cables are punctuated by bands of single knot ropes in this fisherman’s classic beanie or watchcap.

more to knit with tones

Tones is completely interchangeable in gauge with Shelter, making hundreds of patterns from our library a perfect match. Knit up a fresh version of a favorite pattern or cast on for that design you’ve been dreaming of!

helping keep the American fiber supply chain strong

By sourcing and producing our yarns domestically, we build lasting relationships from the ranch to the mill, supporting independent businesses, enabling sustainable livelihoods, and highlighting the work of the many hands our yarns pass through on their way to you.


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