Rocky crags and weatherbeaten shores are the birthplace of fisherman sweaters, where dense cables and sturdy wool are as much function as fashion. Under the roiling clouds of a coming storm, pull your knitwear close and revel in nature’s stark beauty.

Ballantine by Fiona Alice

in Arbor or Dapple

Chenier by Fiona Alice in Arbor

Bradhan by Anna Moore in Shelter

Grinnell by Weichien Chan

(thepetiteknitter) in Loft

Grinnell by Weinchen Chan (thepetiteknitter) in Loft

Ecola by Jennifer Brou in Peerie

Coroman by Irina Anikeeva in Shelter or Tones

Kas by Stefanie Sichler in Tones

With salt on the air and sand underfoot, heed the call of the howling wind and embark to Grey Coast.

Meet the Designers

Fiona Alice

Irina Anikeeva

Jennifer Brou

Weichien Chan


Anna Moore

Stefanie Sichler

Designer Bios

Fiona Alice

Helsinki, Finland

Fiona Alice is a knitwear designer, originally from Nova Scotia, Canada who now calls Finland home. Fiona moved to Helsinki in 2018 and feels acquainted with her new city but is still trying to navigate the Finnish language. In her spare time, Fiona enjoys exploring Helsinki by bike, gardening at her local park, and seeking out the best tacos that the city has to offer. Her website is

IG: @fiona_alice_ | #FionaAlice

Irina began designing knitting patterns in 2014 and has since published over 150 patterns. Her portfolio includes successful collaborations with multiple magazines and yarn manufacturers. She feels most attracted to clean lines, rich textures, and cables.

IG: @irmiandesign | #IrinaAnikeeva

Irina Anikeeva

San Marcos, California, USA

Jennifer Brou

South Portland, Maine, USA

Jennifer is an artist and designer based in South Portland, Maine. She finds endless inspiration in Maine’s beautiful, and at times desolate, landscape. Through a practice that merges drawing, photography and knit design, she brings sensitive focus to intricate texture and colorwork.

IG: @jennifer.brou

Weichien Chan, who publishes under thepetiteknitter, is a size inclusive knitwear designer who lives in the Arctic Archipelago. Her favorite things to knit are colorwork yoke jumpers in neutral tones, and her designs are inspired by the beauty of the tundra she is so lucky to call home.

IG: @thepetiteknitter | #thepetiteknitter

Weichien Chan

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Anna Moore

Edinburgh, Scotland

Anna Moore is a knitting pattern designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is inspired by the changing seasons, shifting light, and evocative landscapes of Scotland. Her designs are new takes on old classics; easy silhouettes intended to be worn everyday.

IG: @amarjmakes | #amarjmakes

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Stefanie currently calls Phoenix, Arizona home. With a background in fine arts and therapy, she focuses her designs on graphic textures and a meditative knitting experience. Creatively, Stefanie finds inspiration in nature’s patterns and her designs often begin with two intertwined processes, painting and swatching.

IG: @fiberjourneys

Stefanie Sichler

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


SITU Creative

"At the heart of it, we’re best friends who are passionate about what we do. After three years of working as freelancers and separately grinding on numerous projects in the commercial advertising industry in Portland and LA, we wanted to offer our specialized abilities together as SITU creative. We’ve learned so much over the years- and we’re still learning. The beauty of the creative industry is that it’s a never-ending journey of ingenuity, grit, and grace. And we're here for the ride."

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction: Jared Flood

Photography: SITU Creative

Models: Grace Fonville & Maile Kam

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Boann Petersen

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Kerry Bullock-Ozkan & Andrea Lum

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Copywriting: Allison Ause

Select Sample Knitting: Nancy Ortiz & Lis Smith

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Marketing: Allison Ause & Kel Moore

Fulfillment: Kathryn Hendrix

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