Knitting Pattern Collection: Winter 2021 A Domino + Square - title overlaid on an closeup photo of a colorful geometric quilt
Domino + Square title overlaid on an closeup photo of a colorful geometric quilt
Two images showing front and side/pocket views of Vieira: modular cardigan
Two images showing modeled side views of two versions of Otte Hat: colorwork hat
Two images showing front and back views of Chabot: dolman sleeve sweater
Two images showing modeled and draped views of Cassatt: textural wrap
Two Images showing two samples of Whimm: crochet blanket
Two images showing shoulder and front views of Hartigan: Drop Shoulder Pullover
Image of folded pile of samples of all knitwear designs in Domino + Square

The patterns of Domino + Square call to mind a tender epoch of community, crafting circles and the love that goes into every stitch. Each of your projects has a story to tell and everything made with this much love is worthy of celebration. So cozy up with a collection of patterns that evokes warm memories of heirloom quilts, plush woolens and quality time with your chosen family.

Front flat and stitch detail image of Chabot
Front flat and stitch detail image of Vieira
Front flat image of Otte Hat
Front flat and stitch detail image of Whimm
Front flat and stitch detail image of Hartigan
Front flat and stitch detail image of Cassatt

This whimsical collection invites joy to flourish in a swirl of creative designs as eye-catching as your wildest top-stitch. From modular construction to compelling motifs, these patterns go with the grain, delivering elegant silhouettes and satisfying textures.

Peerie & Arbor

Explore colorful horizons with this woolen bounty of scintillating and soft yarns.

Meet the Designers

Alice Caetano

Alma Bali

Jared Flood

Norah Gaughan

Stefanie Sichler

Tracy Pipinich

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction & Photography: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Sue McCain & Boann Petersen

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Andrea Lum & Kephren Pritchett

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Select Sample Knitting: Helen Chen & Lynn Marlow

Copywriting: Allison Ause

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Hair & Makeup: Kirstie Wight

Models: David Aidoo, Bella Miller & Ceci Orozco

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Videography: Kenny Hamlett

Quilt Donors: Stephanie Engle, Gail Flood & Lis Smith

Quilt Makers: Stephanie Engle, Gail Flood & Caroline Hurley

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