Shore meets sea at the threshold of air, water, and land. Each leaves traces upon the others as they mingle, stitching together a vibrantly textured tapestry.

Ely by Lis Smith knit in Arbor Norway & Spruce

We invite you to explore this lissome, liminal space, with designs evoking the gentle ripple of waves, the smooth arch of wind-weathered driftwood, and the curving ridges of shells clustered in a tidepool. Take up your needles and choose your path – will it lead you to a quiet shoreline ramble or to brisk, breezy adventure?

Byssa by Victoria Pemberton knit in Peerie Patina & Loft Soot

Balan by Emily Greene knit in Shelter Fossil

Bewick by Norah Gaughan knit in Peerie Aurora

Ebbie by Alice Caetano knit in Dapple Plinth

Stand a moment here with us in the freshening wind, wrapped in woolen warmth. Your map awaits on the pages of your pattern. Joyful discovery lies ahead. Look to the horizon, feel the sun on your face, and strike out on a new knitting journey at Water’s Edge.

Meet the Designers

Alice Caetano

Norah Gaughan

Emily Greene

Victoria Pemberton

Lis Smith

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction & Photography: Jared Flood

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Boann Petersen

Technical Editing (Counter Editor): Andrea Lum & Sue McCain

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Select Sample Knitting: Nancy Ortiz & Deb Terrio

Copywriting: Kel Moore

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Models: Kyra Rickards & Sierra Rickards

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Videography: Kenny Hamlett

Shoot Location: Sauvie Island, Oregon

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