Single-Source Merino Wool Yarn

Limited Edition Sport-Weight Yarn

Eagle County, Colorado

Rancher Julie Hansmire leaning against a barn holding a rope

Julie Hansmire: Champion of the Merino Breed

For 30 years, rancher Julie Hansmire has been lovingly tending and thoughtfully breeding her Merino flock, honing the sheep’s high quality fleece into a supple wool with unparalleled softness. Dedicating herself to the hard-bitten life of open range ranching, her commitment to the Merino breed shines through her joyful demeanor and earnest candor.

Open Range

Moving with the seasons, the flock is grazed across open grasslands by Julie’s close-knit team of Peruvian shepherds. This environmentally sustainable ranching method cuts down on flammable brush and controls the spread of noxious weeds. The Campbell-Hansmire Merino sheep are ethically sheared and compassionately raised, producing a soft, downy wool that mirrors the tenderness of their care. 

Meet The Yarn

Merino with a capital M. Round and smooth, this yarn rebounds against your hand with a satisfying spring. Enjoy the modern palette of vibrant colorways, showcasing the glowing hues that only Merino can provide.


Sport weight 5-ply | Worsted spun in Maine

20.7 micron pure Merino | 170 yards (155 meters) per skein

10 colors | Dyed in North Carolina











Ranch 03 Collection

Revel in Ranch 03 with this curated collection of plump cables, playful colorwork and a go-with-anything hat you’ll reach for again and again — each design venerating Julie’s superior wool. 


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