A male and a female model sitting next to each other on large river rocks in the forest.

Journey into deep and fragrant forests to celebrate the turning of the year in the cherished company of those you hold closest. Breathe in the crisp air and linger a moment by the campfire, cozy in your new sweater, as you finish off a hat or two to pop atop a dear little head or to tuck into a coat pocket as a welcome gift.

Cambys by Orlane Sucche in Shelter Fossil

Everill by Susanna Kaartinen in Arbor Spruce, Dapple Medallion, & Peerie Butte

Lavin by Maria Matveeva in Peerie Gingersnap

Dunstan by Isabelle Ryan in Shelter Embers

Frasier by MaDonna Marie in Quarry Sandstone & Citrine

Meet the Designers

Susanna Kaartinen

MaDonna Marie

Maria Matveeva

Isabelle Ryan

Orlane Sucche

Designer Bios

Susanna grew up in Northern Finland and currently lives just outside of Melbourne in Australia. She is a hobby sheep farmer who loves designing — buildings, graphic design, and, most recently, knitwear. She learned to knit from her grandmother at the age of five. After intermittently knitting through her teens, she rediscovered it in 2006 and has been an avid knitter ever since. Drawing design inspiration from architecture, nature, other crafts, and fashion, Susanna loves discovering and learning old and new techniques and coming up with interesting and innovative ways to use them.

IG: @sanna_and_co | #sannaandco

Susanna Kaartinen

Melbourne, Australia

MaDonna Marie

Indianapolis, Indiana

Born in Newfoundland, Canada, MaDonna grew up surrounded by a family of knitters and does not know life without knitting needles in hand. In 2010, she began designing and selling knitwear from her patterns and in 2014 she opened an Etsy shop. Today MaDonna has a small backyard studio as a storefront, attends several events a year as a vendor, and hosts an annual “Made by Hand” artisan event from her Indianapolis home.

IG: madonna.marie | #madonnamarieknitss

Originally from Orenburg, Maria lives in the beautiful Russian city of Kaluga, the birthplace of cosmonautics. She learned to knit as a child, watching her grandmother who dyed goat down and sheep wool to be hand spun as fine thread and knitted into weightless Orenburg shawls. These days, Maria is pleased to dye yarn for bright and unusual projects as she tries to come up with innovative new designs.

IG: @glamourknits | #mkglamourknits

Maria Matveeva

Kaluga, Russia

Isabelle Ryan

Baltimore, Maryland

Isabelle is a high school History and English teacher who loves to weave stories both past and present into her knits. She most adores simple, utilitarian knits that are beautiful in their structure and perfect for everyday life as well as grand adventures. Knitting allows her to hearken back to past and tradition through the lens of the present and all we have learned about both knitting techniques and life.

IG: @alltangledupknits | #alltangledupknits

Orlane is a designer from France where she lives with her partner and their two daughters. With a master’s degree in Sociology, she has worked a variety of jobs yet has always devoted part of her time to creating her own clothes. Now a full-time knitwear designer, Orlane focuses on creating simple yet elegant garments. Inspired by her interest in art and popular culture, she creates timeless and easy-going shapes that are in line with her principles of durability and empowerment.

IG: @tete_beche | #tete_beche

Orlane Sucche

Lille, France


Shelby Brakken

"I am Shelby and I am a storyteller and observer and a documenter. I have been photographing wedding and families for over a decade and I still feel lucky that I get to capture so many moments: the big and small and everything in between. I tell honest stories and believe that there is beauty in the breakdown."

Collection Contributors

Creative Direction: Jared Flood

Photography: Shelby Brakken

Project Coordination: Jen Hurley

Pattern Writing & Senior Technical Editing: Kephren Pritchett

Technical Editing (Counter Editors): Kerry Bullock-Ozkan & Andrea Lum

Pattern Proofing: Jen Hurley, Lis Smith & Mary Weaver

Copywriting: Kel Moore

Select Sample Knitting: Josie Branco & Kel Moore

Knitwear Coordination & Styling: Lis Smith

Models: Jared Flood & Alexandra Gomez

Pattern Layout & Graphic Design: Alysia Mojica

Videography: Kenny Hamlett

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