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Dapple Yarn balls on table sitting on knitted fabric | 60% US Merino & 40% Organic Cotton
Dapple | Tonally Dyed
Dapple | Currant & Black Walnut
Dapple | Medallion
Dapple | Cerise
Dapple | Honeycrisp
Dapple | Blueprint & Plinth
Dapple | Cosmos
Dapple | Natural & Seafoam
Dapple | Blaze
Dapple | Canopy & Anchor
Dapple Yarn | 60% US Merino & 40% Organic Cotton
Dapple | Tonally Dyed
Dapple | Black Walnut
Dapple | Currant
Dapple | Medallion
Dapple | Cerise
Dapple | Natural
Dapple | Honeycrisp
Dapple | Blueprint
Dapple | Cosmos
Dapple | Canopy
Dapple | Seafoam
Dapple | Plinth
Dapple | Blaze
Dapple | Anchor

Dapple’s unique blend of wool and cotton transcends traditional solid colors. Desaturated dots of organic cotton enhance the singular beauty of each skein. With watercolor artistry, these colorways encompass a range of lights, darks and everything in between. Experiment with the greater variability of dark tones or paint your project with a lighter, less variegated colorway. Embrace a more expansive expression and create truly one-of-a-kind pieces with Dapple’s distinct palette.

This fiber-blending method and dyeing process creates subtle variations of color and texture throughout each batch for dappled, tonal color effects. For helpful tips and tutorials for working with tonals, check out our Dapple Tips page.

Dapple Palette








Dapple Palette | Currant


Dapple Palette | Black Walnut

black walnut





Seamless Top-Down Pullover with Three Sleeve Length Options

History & Future

Cotton’s soft hand belies a harsh history of anti-Black racism and oppression in America. The ubiquitousness of this natural fiber is a direct result of the plantation slavery that enabled its lucrative proliferation. The modern production of organic cotton does not reproduce these traumatic conditions and, instead, reinvests in its workers and the land by promoting equitable labor standards, and regenerative environmental practices. This model leads us all to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

We know that supporting domestic ranchers and fortifying the American supply chain is as important to you as it is to us. In purchasing Dapple and organic cotton, you support the health of the land and its workers while enriching regional fiber economies.

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Half Brioche Hat

Donations from Dapple

Recognizing the violent history of cotton cultivation makes the future of agricultural success and safety for Black farmers an even more necessary goal. Legacies of exploitation and discrimination have kept Black farmers from land ownership and successful agricultural careers. Of America’s 3.4 million farmers, 95% are white, with Black-owned farms accounting for a mere 0.5% of American farmland.


Sales from Dapple will contribute 3% profit to the National Black Farmers Association in perpetuity to support these farmers who have routinely been excluded as a result of this history. No complex issue can be solved overnight, but moving towards a more inclusive future for all is crucial to our values of domestic sourcing, equity and antiracism.



Three Cheers for Texas Organic Cotton

Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative grows all the organic cotton used in Dapple. Workers in cooperative productions maintain agency and financial equity in the farm, promoting dignified work and abundant livelihoods. These conscientious stewards of the land utilize rainwater and eschew pesticides in pursuit of more environmentally friendly farming. Keeping chemicals out of the fields is beneficial to the health of the crop, the land and the workers themselves. This cooperative, environmentally responsible model mitigates some of the effects of cotton’s traumatic history by rejecting exploitative practices common in agricultural manufacturing.

Dapple | Organic Cotton | Sustainability & Water Conservation
Dapple | Organic Cotton | Better Health for Farmers & Land +  Maintaining Soil Quality

Many brilliant minds and talented individuals came together to produce and release this beautiful yarn.


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