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Norah Gaughan


Lose yourself in the creative artistry of a true master. For over 20 years, iconic knitwear designer Norah Gaughan has delighted and inspired knitters around the world with her eye catching garments and engaging accessories. Norah’s knits are instantly recognizable, stamped with her signature style of crisp geometry and innovative stitch motifs. Explore her compendium of over 40 compelling designs and discover your next favorite pattern.


From intricate cables to twisted stitches, Norah Gaughan patterns engage all your knitterly senses. Immerse yourself in this rich collection of designs and emerge with something you’ll love for a lifetime.


Geiger by IG user @c_a_r_a_m_e_n_t_e


Gammans Hat knit by IG user @goneknittin


Deliciosa knit by IG user @brigittewolfrum


Gammans Hat & Scarf knit by IG user @SRWhitcombe


Staghead knit by IG user @booksandcables


Huck knit by IG user @Pepperknit



Best-selling author, knitwear designer and cable-creating genius Norah Gaughan is a pillar of the knitting industry. Her work is singular and stunning, with an emphasis on geometric motifs and interesting fabrics that stems from her dual degrees in Biology and Art.

Now the Editor in Chief of Vogue Knitting magazine, Norah was an integral part of the Brooklyn Tweed Design Team for four years, crafting over 40 patterns for BT collections during her tenure.

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