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photos..... finally....

i finally got around to taking some photos of my stuff this week. i'll post them periodically throughout the next couple of days so as not to overwhelm you is the progress on the Shedir Cabled Cap from As you can imagine its a little slow-going and very mentally engaging.... not always my preference when i'm wanting a little zen time with my needles. but i have been working on and off and the finish line is in sight. i think i'll try to complete it this week. its made with Rowan Calmer and is soft and streeeetchy....

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life has been crazy lately. dont fret... i've still been knitting fiercely. can't remember a time when i wasn't... but nevertheless. i haven't posted as much as i've planned recently, including pictures! (sorry - i know how annoying pictureless blogs are.) i finished the malabrigo ear flap hat and have started another hat (cable cap) that i'm designing with my other hank of this blessed merino. i hope everyone is knitting well... while i feel like i've been very productive over the last few weeks i still feel like i have a huge weight of holiday projects looming over my...

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i am too-anxiously awaiting the release of the new knit.1 if the sweater pattern on the cover is that good, its already worth buying.not to mention, its the male issue - one of the few resources for male patterns that i can actually justify investing my time and fibers in.i guess i'll be twiddling my thumbs till nov. 15 for a new sweater project...

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i've started knitting up my malabrigo worsted - the rumors are true. the experience is very amazing and i recommend trying it on your next worsted weight project. i'm knitting a seed stitch cap with earflaps, based on the 'kitty hat' but modified to a tolerable/non-cheesy piece. below is the color of the hat - worsted pure merino "sealing wax." the actual wool is a little deeper red with a hint of brown with very slight variegation.

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spent a wonderful weekend in philly with k. finished my prospy park hat on saturday just in time to wear it to the Fruit Bats/Son Volt concert, which was unbelievably awesome. the hat is wearing well and oh so soft. i didn't have a chance to take pictures, i will soon. the other knitting hi-lite: finally got to check out loop in philly - i had been wanting to check it out for some time. ever since i read the article in the philly paper about the two local yarn suppliers that were run and owned by MEN. loop and...

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