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work is crazy right now and i'm getting frantic with knitted gifts. this combo has left littletime to post. hopefully i'll be back more frequently in the near future.the new knitty is out with no inspiring or fashionable patterns for men ... i guess i'm never surprised but i'm always secretly hoping something great will pop up each time it comes out. i hate having to wait till the summer to get any substantial male patterns, and even then theres not many choices that i personally enjoy. it DOES give me more time to work on my own sweater designs,...

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hi! how was the holdiay for you all? did everyone get a bunch of knitting done like i did? holiday knitting is hard to beat.i ended up teaching 3 people how to knit over thanksgiving and i think they all took to it really well! my brothers girlfriend caved after two days of my mom and i participating in knit-speak and parading around in our hand-knit garments. here is a quick summary of what i'm up to:* i finished an original earflap hat pattern that turned out really great. * i pumped out a GREAT scarf for my good...

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brooklyn tweed goes west

i finished the ganomy hat and its looks pretty great. i haven't had a chance for photos because of my frantic preparation for thanksgiving. i'm leaving for home this afternoon. since i'm flying all the way to seattle, i am hoping that they let me bring my needles on the plane, dammit! i always get crap for my needles at security because i'm a guy... which makes me a "suspicious candidate" for carrying knitting. grrr.... don't get me started. anyway, i'll post pics when i get home next week. oh yes, and i'm finally closing in on my raglan. i've...

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some objects of the finished variety

thought i'd post a couple of photos. i finished these a while ago but haven't done the photo-documentation thing.* VOO-DOO *here are the old stand-by wrist warmers that most of us knitty fans have lying around somewhere. i wear them often, so they're already quite pilly... the look of love, right? pattern : knitty.commaterials: tahki 'donegal tweed.' color: dijonneedles: US 6 dpn's * Manos Scarf *This is a scarf I made for my girlfriend last winter. i finally took some pics of it. its made with manos in a GREAT color. its very long for multiple neck wraps. one of...

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good ol' liz

i've been spending much of my commute/general subway time with elizabeth zimmerman. i've been researching her methods and practical but inventive patterns. her outlook on our craft is wonderful and she has some great insight. while i wouldn't wear many of her designs, i still enjoy reading about their construction and of course all of her words about the joys of PROCESS.i've recently picked up knitter's almanac. i love her three hat patterns for the month of july. (maxine at stitch therapy in park slope (my LYS) has the maltese fisherman's hat knit up in her shop and it is...

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