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as those of you in new york understand... my love for School Products is perpetually exploding out of my chest. one of my more favorite hide-a-ways in manhattan. so i went last night after work, caught the 1 train down from lincoln center and was swimming in a sea of yarn by 5:15. i walked in audibly chanting to myself "i will not spend money on yarn... etc." has that ever worked? i walked out 38 dollars cheaper than i was when i went in but about 38 times happier! finally bought some aurora 8 because i've been wanting to...

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the cold weather gets me excited! how long have the knitters of new york been waiting to wear warm hand-knits that have been in the works for the last few months? i myself... am a scarf whore. i'm rockin the gloves now and oh so soon... the sweater! i'm setting my (sweater) completion goal for next week. just checked the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like i'll be rocking the long sessions of couch knitting. grey and rainy... just how us washington (state) natives know it to be. lets hope for some major progress. i feel guilty...

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oh elsebeth how i love you

just when i thought it would be a while before i found something i loved more than elsebeth lavolds silky wool.... i have to go and order two hanks of... yeah, you guessed it.... SILKY TWEED (also by Lavold). Oh god ... So good. Its gonna make the perfect finishing touch for the sweater. and of course i'm already trying to find a way to make another sweater using silky wool/tweed... or really anything that will let me keep working with this one. obsessive?

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oh what a weekend

spent most of the weekend knitting through the grey brooklyn rain spell we had. it was great! saturday morning i hiked over to Knit-A-Way Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave. If you live in NYC, especially Brooklyn, you must check this place out. She has a great selection of yarns for every project. I never leave the place without an unexpected surprise in my bag. A great oasis of tweeds to boot.... I picked up some Misti Alpaca Worsted [color: marigold melange] and Classic Elite '03 Tweed [color: 5927] (this stuff is great! think i have a new favorite...) Randomly picked up...

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a shocking discovery!!! check out this yarn STCY's Karaoke looks like something i could really get on board with. my twitching finger is hovering over my mouse/purchase-machine. trying to ward off impulse. if anyone has personal experience they'd like to scribble... i'd love to hear it. oh, ps :: softer than kureyon and much more subtle color transitions. tweed-esque solids also available!

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