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skipping town

not much to report over the last couple of days. work/life has been busy. i've been finding small chunks of time to knit here and there, but nothing substantial. k and i are leaving today on a 3 day roadtrip up to canada/niagra falls. staying at a great little b & b and trying to relax away some accumulated (ny)city-suffocation. i need a vacation, even if it is only an extended weekend! the drive will be long and beautiful and should result in major headway on both Ene and the Beaverslide Scarf. i've thrown in a photo of the scarf...

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feels like a friday, or, adventures in herringbone

some random updating. here's a detail shot of the progress on Ene's Scarf. chart 1 and 2 are shown completed, and i think i was about 6 or 8 rows into chart 3 in this picture. its not much to see but its on its way and finally starting to go a little faster. i'm planning on getting a bunch of work done on it this weekend. hopefully it will start taking shape as a more cohesive piece. 2 fellow knitters and i are starting a "chain scarf" project in an effort to bust us some stash. three 6 foot...

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after reading this great review, (and then this, more specific review) it didn't take long before i did some investigation and purchased some wool from Beaverslide Dry Goods in Montana. their wools are grown and processed by a family run business in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. The fibers are processed using environmentally conscious methods (no harsh chemicals, etc.) and spun on an antique knitting mule which produces a lofty and rustic looking yarn. VERY great. the range of colors is right up my alley and there are lots of options. i even received a wonderful personalized e-mail from Leanne...

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Ganomy Photos are finally in!! I took a few shots of this project that was completed in December and gifted to my roommate for christmas. I'm just now getting around to documenting some on-head pictures. (apologies for lack of better light. i wanted to wait for natural light for the shoot, but that would have meant waiting till next weekend at the earliest... A few notes about the pattern: very simple and creative, yields a really cool design. I made a few modifications, mainly adding in some extra decreasing at the top to keep it from becoming too pointy. if...

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a couple things.

i started Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style last week. the photos below were taken last thursday and aren't a very good representation of what the piece is looking like now because i spent multiple hours this weekend working on it. i've finished both charts 1 and 2 and its really starting to look great. shown below: the shawl about half way through chart 1... not much at all to look at, but what the hell right? (i realize these photos are a little big for my layout... but details are more important, right?) in hindsight... chart 1 is a bitch....

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