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Winter Femme

Here are the completed pictures of Winter Femme. This pattern was quick and easy and looks great, especially with this wonderful fiber (I definitely plan to use it again in the future) please excuse the absence of natural light - this goes against all my photographic principles. New York is just too damn dark right now and i have a 9-5 job (can only get good daylight shots on the weekends) Color is more accurate in the second photo, but neither has it right on. This post is more accurate to the true color (good light) Pattern: Winter Femme by...

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act fast!

Joann is having a 50% off sale on all online purchases today only! Coupon code is JANH650. Just got a yarn swift (finally) for half price (and saved $30!!)

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back with a vengeance

i'm so sorry about the long hiatus! over the last two weeks i've had major technical problems with blogger. they wiped clean my entire blog and left me stranded. after trying futilly to fix the problem myself and having no luck contacting them, i was forced into starting up again at a new site. one post into my new life i get an email from them saying they've recovered my information! despite being annoyed, i was releived! for most recent update check out THE POST I DID AT MY TEMPORARY SITE... BROOKLYN TWEED 2: THE IMPOSTER (a taste of what...

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damn memory

i'm an idiot. i took all these great pictures for a post today and left the camera at k's in Philly. so of course i have nothing visual to offer. and i was so excited to put up more hat pictures. we'll have to wait a little while. my apologies.well, thanks for all the comments on my hats! my site has had the highest traffic in its history because of some name dropping over at more hi-profile blogs like diana and caitlyn! thanks for the publicity!my lace weight silk wool came from blackberry ridge on friday so i'm all set...

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knitting for pleasure again!

well... its always pleasurable, but lets be honest, when you've made what seems like a hundred hats for christmas gifts... you're reeeeaally ready to get back into the world of "real projects" slash "things for yourself" (or at least that you really can't wait to work on, even if they are gifts. at least there's no holiday pressure). so yes, i'm finishing off the last two hat gifts for the fam and its on to bigger and better things. The next big thing: ene's scarf from scarf style I'm excited to work on a big lace project. i really want...

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