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the beaverslide scarf comes to fruition

the time has come for the unveiling of the scarf. i finished this last weekend, but haven't gotten the time to put a post up about it until now. this scarf was a great experience from beginning to end. I loved the materials - working with them made the whole project enjoyable (even despite the monotany of scarf-knitting). the stripes spiced it up a bit, and the colors were so good i never got sick of looking at them. i have had my 1x1 ribbing fill for a while, but i never got overly tired of it. so here it...

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i really, really... REALLLy want to make this hat. in a chocolate brown and a deep yellow mustard color. but there's a problem. i've literally sworn myself from spending money on yarn until i use up a considerable amount from my closetful/stash. or at least finish some of my larger projects. usually i wouldn't let this little condition stop me, but none of the fibers that i already own really fit the project. should i stay strong? the norwegian fair-isle sirenshave been coaxing me for a loong time and its getting hard to resist. the fact that bea ellis offers a very...

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aurora bulky does niagara

thought i would post pictures of my most recent hat creation. i started this a while ago but ran out of (expensive) yarn mid-way through. i finally bought more aurora bulky and the hat pretty much finished itself. its a variation on my earlier aurora 8 version. kristen, who has an uber-sensitive head, requested a hat that would provide absolutely no itch factor. and aurora bulky was just the ticket. she chose the colors (do they look familiar?) yeah... this project got me on a blue-and-brown-stripe kick, which i've translated into a (now-finished) beaverslide scarf. [in-depth post to come tomorrow]....

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recycle, re-wind, re-knit

*POOF* i'm back. well, i've been back for awhile... just not here. so, onto the good stuff.... one of my favorite things to do as a knitter is recylce old garments that have been discarded by the ages. while recyclable sweaters can be found in most clothing stores, the real treasures are those that lurk deep down in the sweater rack at your local salvation army or thrift shop. i usually go straight for the XXL's, because obviously, they store a ri-DICulous amount of yarn in their folds. but really, regardless of size, this is the best way to find...

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skipping town

not much to report over the last couple of days. work/life has been busy. i've been finding small chunks of time to knit here and there, but nothing substantial. k and i are leaving today on a 3 day roadtrip up to canada/niagra falls. staying at a great little b & b and trying to relax away some accumulated (ny)city-suffocation. i need a vacation, even if it is only an extended weekend! the drive will be long and beautiful and should result in major headway on both Ene and the Beaverslide Scarf. i've thrown in a photo of the scarf...

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