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this is our busiest and craziest week of the year in my office. i'll probably be working 20+ hours overtime in total and so i haven't really gotten any time to knit and probably wont be doing any until this weekend. aside from impending exhaustion and major lack of personal time, i will be making a significant amount of overtime money and have decided to reward myself by purchasing the Ufserud kit from Bea Ellis. (seems i can always find a way to justify breaking the steadfast yarn diet.) the reason i'm telling you this is because i need your...

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just because i think the insides look as good as the outsides on fair isle.... click to see it bigger won't have much time for updates or even knitting over the next week. hope to see you sooner than later! have a great weekend!

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the current state of things

well, its clear i have a problem. i can't stop fair isling. but after i post these pictures, i'm taking a break. i have to force myself to do at least something else before this weekend is over. i didn't join the olympics, but the last three days have sort of felt like i had..... body is done, just finished kitchener-ing it to completion. now i just need to pump out the little thumb and pick up my provisional c.o. stitches and do some (non-corrugated!) ribbing............ and make another mitten. can't wait!

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growing growing

what did i spend my exciting friday night doing? oh and look what happened! did i use the word "addicting" before?

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fair-isling myself into oblivion

thought i'd give you a little taste of my most recent detour/knitting discoure. fair isle has been tempting me for some time, which is interesting, because i used to generally dislike (the look of) it. i've noticed that over time, my knitting tastes change, and this is a great example. this is the start of a pair of komi (russian) mittens from mostly mittens by charlene schurch. a great book with a whole host of intricate patterns. i love the history aspect of fair-isle and stranded knitting. really, just can't get enough. its addicting. click image to see more detail...

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