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fair-isling myself into oblivion

thought i'd give you a little taste of my most recent detour/knitting discoure. fair isle has been tempting me for some time, which is interesting, because i used to generally dislike (the look of) it. i've noticed that over time, my knitting tastes change, and this is a great example. this is the start of a pair of komi (russian) mittens from mostly mittens by charlene schurch. a great book with a whole host of intricate patterns. i love the history aspect of fair-isle and stranded knitting. really, just can't get enough. its addicting. click image to see more detail...

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remind me never to ask you readers for any encouragement toward yarn-diet self control! no but seriously, upon considering your well-intended contributions, i have decided that yes, i will purchase the bea ellis kit and embark upon the Ufserud journey. however, in an effort to postpone this course of action - i have purchased two skeins of (cheap cheap!) knit picks fingering weight peruvian wool to try my hand at a pair of traditional Komi (Russia) fair-isled mittens. its a pattern i already own and that i've had my eye on for a couple months here. so the plan is...

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the beaverslide scarf comes to fruition

the time has come for the unveiling of the scarf. i finished this last weekend, but haven't gotten the time to put a post up about it until now. this scarf was a great experience from beginning to end. I loved the materials - working with them made the whole project enjoyable (even despite the monotany of scarf-knitting). the stripes spiced it up a bit, and the colors were so good i never got sick of looking at them. i have had my 1x1 ribbing fill for a while, but i never got overly tired of it. so here it...

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i really, really... REALLLy want to make this hat. in a chocolate brown and a deep yellow mustard color. but there's a problem. i've literally sworn myself from spending money on yarn until i use up a considerable amount from my closetful/stash. or at least finish some of my larger projects. usually i wouldn't let this little condition stop me, but none of the fibers that i already own really fit the project. should i stay strong? the norwegian fair-isle sirenshave been coaxing me for a loong time and its getting hard to resist. the fact that bea ellis offers a very...

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aurora bulky does niagara

thought i would post pictures of my most recent hat creation. i started this a while ago but ran out of (expensive) yarn mid-way through. i finally bought more aurora bulky and the hat pretty much finished itself. its a variation on my earlier aurora 8 version. kristen, who has an uber-sensitive head, requested a hat that would provide absolutely no itch factor. and aurora bulky was just the ticket. she chose the colors (do they look familiar?) yeah... this project got me on a blue-and-brown-stripe kick, which i've translated into a (now-finished) beaverslide scarf. [in-depth post to come tomorrow]....

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