This one is sort of a drop-in-the-bucket as far as projects are concerned, but so beautiful in it's simplicity that I figured it deserved a little slice of blog space. I don't get a chance to work with yarn as beautiful ($$$) as Iro everyday, so this was an absolute treat and went all too quickly.
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Pattern: Generic Garter Stitch Scarf (17 sts in width) Materials: Noro 'Iro' in shade #47 Amount: 2 full hanks; 200 g/262 yds Needles: US 11/8mm
Start and End Date: 12 April 2007 (I couldn't stop)  
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Let me tell you this was one sweet fiber to work with - this is one occasion where the speed of knitting was actually unpleasant. In the end I definitely wished I had more to knit with! This is the second installment of that Noro binge I went on back in March. Don't worry though, this is it for Noro Scarves - the 'Tweed isn't scheduled for a self-striping-yarn takeover. This year. In truth, with all the garter stitch delight going on backstage, everything else is residing in temporary obscurity.
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I have the day off tomorrow, so this is my 'Friday' post. I tend to prefer something simple and easy on the eyes to wrap up the week, when I'm so fried even blog reading can be a chore. We're getting out of the city and spending the weekend upstate (in Rhinebeck of all places), so I hope to have a lot to show you next week, including a proper Adult-Tomten update (the love affair continues). My partner-in-crime is on vacation so I'm trying not to go overkill on the Tomten. It's called a knit-along after all, even if it is just the two of us. (Hope you're enjoying Ireland) I have something pretty great (!!!) keeping me busy though... more on that later. Be sure to drink your morning coffee and enjoy your weekend knitting.


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