It's hard for me to believe that the calendar is already declaring our arrival at mid-November(!), and even harder still to believe that today we release the 6th volume of patterns in our ongoing Wool People series. These collections are always wrapped in a refreshing spirit of collaboration and mutual excitement from day one, but the best part comes today as we get to watch the new patterns make their way out to all of you knitters. Our team gets so deeply involved in the process of nurturing design collections onward from start to finish that by the time we launch publicly, it feels almost impossible to see the work with objective, fresh eyes. But watching our friends and followers experience a new collection for the first time always brings back that thrill and enthusiasm that sparked the collection in the first place. Not only that – I love seeing which patterns people respond to, which details strike your fancy, and best of all, the creative variations on each design that soon start popping up on Ravelry and in the blogosphere.

Wool People 6 is a perfect collection for late fall that focuses on cozy, intuitive-to-work sweaters. This time around, I asked the designers to think especially about the knitting process as they were generating their ideas. I was delighted to see so many submissions that were worked circularly, seamlessly, or both – and the majority of the sweaters in the final collection fall into one of these categories. (For you finishing fiends, we have a couple "assembly required" pieces as well!)

You'll see a few familiar faces on the designer roster as well as some wonderful new-to-us names, too.

To photograph the collection, the BT creative team and I traveled to the beautiful Shawangunk mountains for a weekend at Losee Cottage in Cragsmoor, New York. With the increased altitude, the colors of the leaves on the timeworn oaks and maples were much further along in their metamorphosis in mid-September than our low-lying city trees were.

The collection look book is now on view below (or page through it here and download a free copy of the hi-resolution PDF to take with you on your device). Be sure to check out our new "Shoot Notes" feature at the end of the book: a photo collage of behind-the-scenes photos that will give you a peek at what shoot days look like "behind the curtain".

In the coming weeks we'll have some exciting collection-related content coming your way. On the blog, I'll be hosting a series of conversations with selected designers from the collection for a more in-depth look at their new work. We'll also be featuring new photos and notes from the collection on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, too.

There's always so much packed into a collection, we continue to seek ways in which we can tastefully share as many facets with you as possible.

As always, we hope you enjoy!

All my best,



Resources: The Wool People 6 look book is now available for viewing on our website here, or download the free PDF for viewing on your tablet or device.

Each pattern in the collection is available for instant download here, or on Brooklyn Tweed yarns used in the collection are available for purchase online, or at one of our 16 flagship retail locations.


  • Could it be that this is your best collection? Of course, I think I say that about every one, but really, this time I mean it! I would knit each and every one of these, if I could possibly find the time. Fabulous!

    Laurie on

  • Another wonderful collection! I especially love Svatland (spelling?) and the Bough cowl. And of course the photography is fantastic.

    Voie de Vie on

  • I think all of your collections up to date have been amazing but from this collection I have to say I adore the Trestle it’s beautiful. I love the natural colours and two tone mitred striping. Just beautiful.

    Vanessa on

  • I always look forward to your new collections – whether I ever make any of the patterns or not, the collections are inspiring (both the knitting and the beautiful photography!). I also appreciate that you have the patterns up on Ravelry right away so I can be sure to favorite them as I’m looking through the latest patterns. Since I don’t do sweaters (yet?), my favorites from this collection are the Bough Cowl and the Tree Rings Afghan.

    I was at the Knitter’s Review Retreat this past weekend, and finally had the chance to see Brooklyn Tweed yarns in the marketplace, and the colors were just as tempting in person as I thought they would be from seeing them online. Of course, a lot of those skeins jumped in my cart and came home with me :)

    Marcia on

  • Oh Jared… I do adore your Wool People collections – always such beautiful designs and breathtaking photography – but how will I find the time to make them all?? I am still catching up on your previous collections…

    You and the other talented designers around you will keep me knitting for years to come. (Thank you for that!)

    Rhonda on

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