At Brooklyn Tweed HQ we always laugh to ourselves a bit about summer knitting. When all the seasonal publications are touting cotton and linen yarns and beach-appropriate knitwear designs, we find ourselves still knitting away with our wool, year in and year out. Since we know we aren't alone in this religious use of wool, we figured why let fall and winter have all the fun? Why not do something for the devout wool-lovers of summer?


It's hard to believe that our third issue of Wool People is already here. Ever since launching our first issue last August we have had such a great time working with knitwear designers from around the globe for this series. While design work from our in-house design team is constantly under way, it's fun and refreshing to get a chance to exchange input and ideas from a broader range of creative folks. The finished collections always feel like a secret that slowly reveals itself over the months from concept to production. You never know exactly how everything will come together until the end, which keeps the anticipation and excitement strong even from this side of the curtain.



For this collection, we envisioned something clean and airy that focused on lightweight layering pieces and a summery palette of neutral heathers. We asked designers to think about soft, clean and wearable garments that would utilize Loft's airy fabrics and tonal color range. The designers rose to the occasion and brought together a collection that is both diverse and cohesive. We really love what everyone came up with!



As has become customary for the launch of a new collection, we've indulged ourselves a bit with a lusciously photographed Look Book – it's the best way to get a feel for the range of the collection which features a total of 17 designs. You can view the Look ook in fullscreen mode by clicking "Expand" below. Remember that when viewing full screen, you can click anywhere on a page to zoom in further to read text or have a closer look at design details. If you'd like to download a free copy of the Look Book PDF for viewing on your tablet or smart phone, just click here.

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While the collection focuses primarily on garments – there are a handful of smaller-dose projects as well: hats, shawls, wraps and scarves. We like variety in our own knitting basket, so bring that same mentality to the table when putting together a collection roster.

Thanks to everyone for supporting our last two issues of Wool People and making #3 a possibility. We feel fortunate to continue exploring and refining our designer-friendly model of publishing, which hasn't changed since our first round – Wool People designers receive a portion of every sale for the lifetime of their pattern, no matter what. We think this is important and allows designers to be compensated fairly for this highly specialized type of work. Don't forget to check out our "Meet the Designers" section at the back of the Look Book to read about our talented contributors!

Happy summer knitting to all and enjoy the patterns!


Resources: All 17 patterns in the collection are available now as digital downloads on our web site here. Our Wyoming-grown wool yarns are available for purchase here. Download a free PDF version of the Look Book here.


  • Where do you buy the book? I am already in LOVE with the patterns!!!

    Donna Williams on

  • Love all the new designs…also…as other’s have stated prior, I miss the men’s designs.
    So good to know that others enjoy working with the wool during the summer too.

    stch on

  • Gorgeous! These summer patterns are perfect for our Australian winter! So many patterns are just too warm for winter in Sydney.

    Debbie on

  • I love this collection. Would you consider selling it as an ebook?

    Donna Nicholaides on

  • I’m sorry if I offended anyone (Meredith) who took time out of their busy schedules to rain on the parade of a creative person who is trying to produce something for people to enjoy, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s always easier to say something while hiding behind a keyboard, assuming that your cat isn’t in the way. I assure you that I am not guilty of ageism, as I treat cats of all ages the same. As far as a misogynist, I believe that the U.S. Census Bureau recently released data confirming that the ratio of crazy cat women to cat men was 8,262:1. If any crazy cat men would also like to complain about petty things just to make someone feel bad, please shut your pie-holes as well. Jared, ignore the whiners and keep up the good work. -R.P.

    Rod Puller on

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