I've been relishing the indoor lifestyle these past few days and finding some quality time for designing. As we start thinking about winter I've been inspired by pure, white wool knits for the home.  It's an added bonus when the project you're working on can keep you warm at the same time.

I never tire of bulking up my own personal stash of blankets and throws, especially with thick wool that features the architecture of your stitch patterns so beautifully.  It's a pleasure to watch stitch columns move, shift and twist with a round, bulky wool for curling up under.

I've also begun work on another circular shawl.  Center-out lace circles are one of my favorite things to knit -- they seem to grow effortlessly and offer the perfect balance between mindless, relaxing knitting and more engaging lace patterning (that is, when you have free rounds of stockinette to scatter about). Whenever I'm approaching critical mass with too many high-maintenance projects, I always feel the urge to lose myself in a big circle of lace.

I'm working with Shelter on size 9's and giving my new set of Addi Clicks a test-drive. Pleasure overload! Fossil, shown here, is a heathered white that reminds me of rustic cream-colored aran cardigans and downy lace shawls.

This weekend I'm headed up to Harrisville for a few workshops and meetings at the mill.  I'm excited to enter the next phase with the mill and explore some new ideas.  I'm hoping to catch a decent dose of the waning Fall colors as they cling to their trees on the ride up.  If the winds continue to howl as fiercely as they have been here today in the city though, I doubt there will be any leaves left!


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