One of the perks of working here in the Brooklyn Tweed office is getting to see and try on samples for upcoming collections well in advance of their releases — though, for our queues, this can be as much a curse as it is a blessing! We know a pattern is special when we all flock to the same design. While we have a special spot in our hearts for every item in our upcoming Winter 19 collection, we were especially drawn to Gudrun Johnston's Pascal Cardigan. Garter stitch, colorwork, and plush Quarry — surely few can beat it in feats of coziness! Plus, its woodsy three-color motif struck us as being enjoyable for stranded colorwork knitters of all levels, and just the right thing to get us out of the winter doldrums. With all this in mind, we figured — two summers ago was our Summer of Lace; why not make this winter our Winter of Colorwork? Won't you knitalong with us? For our Winter of Colorwork KAL, we'll be knitting the Pascal Cardigan and sharing our tips and techniques for working each part of the cardigan — choosing colors, swatching for stranded colorwork, sweater construction, and (yes!) steeking, to name a few. However, you're also welcome to join us by knitting any colorwork pattern in our archive or any colorwork pattern using Brooklyn Tweed yarn.

The pattern for the Pascal Cardigan will be available on January 16 with the release of our Winter 19 collection, but if you’d like to start planning your project, you can download and print our Pascal Coloring Sheet to get started with choosing your colors. Many of our Retail Stockists will be joining in on the Pascal fun as well, so don't forget to get connected with a BT stockist near you!

[button link=""]Download a Pascal Coloring Sheet [/button] For those of you interested in purchasing yarn to knit Pascal ahead of the pattern launch, this is the yarn, yardage and sizing information:
34¾ (39½, 44, 48½, 53¼, 57¾)” [88 (100.5, 112, 123, 135, 147) cm] circumference at chest (buttoned) The finished chest measurements are the same for both the Women’s and Men’s version.
Quarry Yarn:  (WOMEN’S) [MEN’S] (6, 6, 7, 7*, 8, 9) [6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9] skeins of Main Color (MC); (1) [1] skein of Color 1 (C1); (1)[1] skein of Color 2 (C2) *Note: Women’s fourth size uses almost all of seven skeins. You may wish to consider purchasing an extra skein
Chunky weight wool yarn: (1025, 1135, 1275, 1400, 1550, 1675) [1060, 1195, 1335, 1470, 1615, 1740] yards MC; (90, 100, 110, 115, 125, 130) [90, 100, 110, 115, 125, 130] yards C1; (105, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160) [105, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160] yards C2

How to Join the Winter of Colorwork KAL

First, choose your favorite yarn and knitting project that features stranded colorwork (yoke motif or allover motif — as long as it's stranded, anything is fair game!). The project should be knit using BT yarn, worked from a BT pattern, or both. If you already have a WIP, feel free to join the KAL to finish your project or ask us questions if you're stuck.

If you choose a stranded colorwork pattern that specifically involves steeking, you can also participate in the Fringe and Friends Steekalong, run by Karen Templer of Fringe Association. (Knit one, KAL two!)

Then, head over to the Winter of Colorwork KAL Chatter thread on Ravelry to introduce yourself and share your plan for what you’re going to knit. Feel free to include any questions or topics you'd like the KAL to address.

Blog Schedule

January 9 Selecting Colors for Stranded Colorwork Knitting

January 16 — Pattern Selection, Fit and Swatching with Your Colors

January 23 Cast-On and Knitting Pascal: Beginning the Sleeves

January 30 Knitting Pascal: Beginning the Body

February 6 Knitting Pascal: Joining the Sleeves to the Body

February 13 — Knitting Pascal: Steeking

February 20 — Knitting Pascal: Finishing

February 27 — Winter of Colorwork KAL Wrap-Up*

* We’ll be posting each week to the blog, but do know that you can continue working on your project after the last blog post. We’ll continue to respond to questions in the BT Fan Club Forum on Ravelry, as well as admire your shared projects and participate in group discussions!

In addition to joining us on Ravelry, please use the KAL hashtags listed below on any and all social media posts you make that share your project and progress. We’ll be re-posting images from participating knitters throughout the KAL.

The official cast on date for the KAL is January 23. We look forward to knitting, and learning, alongside you!




  • Hello Tom,

    The suggested needle sizes are a US 9 (garter stitch trims), US 10 (single-color stockinette), and US 10½ (colorwork chart patterns).

    But as always, due to significant variance among knitters, you may have to go up or down needle size(s) depending on what you need to get gauge!

    Jamie Maccarthy | BT Customer Service

    Korina Yoo on

  • Questions about the pattern:
    1. What is the difference between the men’s and women’s sizing.
    2. Is there body shaping for the women’s.
    3. Is the men’s longer? What are the length measurements of each?
    4. I am sort of confused about the steeking, do I have to join another KAL to get steeking support? It is one thing I have stayed away from in all the years I have been knitting.

    Love the pattern. Have been looking for one like this since I don’t like wearing coats, I like wearing sweaters instead.

    Susan on

  • Are these sizes true or is there a positive ease?

    Mary on

  • ummm… suggested needle sizes???

    Tom on

  • Is there a pattern for the hat/

    Dawn on

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