We are pleased to announce that the entire 12-piece Winter 18 collection is now available in French, Japanese, German, and Russian. We began our full-collection translations initiative in a concerted effort to continue supporting diversity within our collective knitting culture. We believe that our knitting community is a worldwide community — connecting with, sharing with, and learning from one another on a global scale is now easier and more instantaneous than ever before. However, language still remains a barrier for many. As such, we hope that with this translations release we can share the revelatory night music and poetry of Winter 18 with more knitters around the world.* We are also committed to offering collection and individual pattern translations in more languages in the future — let us know what languages are on your wishlist! * Our sincerest thanks goes to Bianca French (German), Marina Melnikova (Russian), Sophie Oudry-Braillon (French), and our Japanese translator (who wishes to remain anonymous) for the dedicated work they have put into helping us realize Winter 18 Translations.

Accessing Translated Patterns

When you purchase a Brooklyn Tweed pattern through our webstore or on Ravelry.com, the pattern PDF will automatically be available in all of its translations. The file name of each PDF designates its language. If you have already purchased a pattern from Winter 18, the translated versions are available to download in your BT account and/or Ravelry library. (If you purchased patterns from our webstore, read how to transfer them to your Ravelry library here.) Additionally, our Pattern Translations page serves as a resource where you can find a frequently updated list of all the translations available for individual Brooklyn Tweed patterns.


  • This is great news! :)

    Malina on

  • Hi Jared,
    I’m an English into Italian translator and an experienced knitter. Should you be interested in translating Winter 18 issue in Italian?
    If so, please get in touch with me (fabervaleria64@gmail.com).

    Great work!

    Kind regards,

    Valeria Faber on

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