Although collection launch days always feel super exciting around here, this one feels especially fantastic since we can finally publicly welcome Norah Gaughan as the newest member to our in-house Design Team! EMAIL_05_btw15_launch I remember my first encounter with Norah's work. I had a job on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and I often spent my lunch break soaking up all the knitting knowledge I could absorb in the Barnes & Noble that used to occupy the corner of 66th and Broadway. (This was also where I picked up most of my intermediate-to-advanced knitting knowledge, hunkered down among the bookshelves sponging up as much technical info as I could between my morning and afternoon shift...) One day I spied a beautiful new hardcover face-out on the shelf: Knitting Nature. Leafing through it was mind expanding. Not only were the garments unlike anything I’d ever seen—swirls and polygons and fractal shapes cunningly transformed into wearable art—but the styling and production quality were totally arresting. It was the first time I realized how much was possible in melding the arts of knitting and photography which, in hindsight, was a pretty major moment for me. For eight years since, I’ve been following Norah’s design career, marveling at her prolific and agile brain. I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to now call her a colleague at BT. Working with her in the past few months has already been a complete joy. Check out Norah's first few designs from our Winter Collection— Chainlink (pictured above), Marshal, and Nomad—and please join me in welcoming her to the BT family!


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