Today we welcome Ranch 01, the first in an exciting series of small batch, limited edition, ranch- and breed-specific yarns. The creation of Ranch 01 has marked a special moment in our journey to highlight breed-specific wools, a moment that began with a beautiful clip of Climate Beneficial Wool from The Bare Ranch’s Rambouillet sheep. From the rangeland of Surprise Valley to Jagger Brothers’s bobbins and then to Green Matters’s natural dye pots, Ranch 01 has been a true labor of love.

[[Video 265671891]]

Each skein of Ranch 01 holds within it a hope for a re-imagined fiber landscape — one where sheep, people, and the land are treated with respect and care. We hope you enjoy knitting with Ranch 01, and can’t wait to see what you make!


  • Beautiful!

    Linda Thomson on

  • This is a wonderful addition to your family of fabulous yarns. I don’t know what else to say but Thank You Jared Flood and Team!!!

    Wendy Hakala on

  • Very cool.

    elizaduckie on

  • Watching this process has been very interesting! I can’t wait to try the yarn!

    Sharon on

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