Today we welcome Ranch 01, the first in an exciting series of small batch, limited edition, ranch- and breed-specific yarns. The creation of Ranch 01 has marked a special moment in our journey to highlight breed-specific wools, a moment that began with a beautiful clip of Climate Beneficial Wool from The Bare Ranch’s Rambouillet sheep. From the rangeland of Surprise Valley to Jagger Brothers’s bobbins and then to Green Matters’s natural dye pots, Ranch 01 has been a true labor of love.

[[Video 265671891]]

Each skein of Ranch 01 holds within it a hope for a re-imagined fiber landscape — one where sheep, people, and the land are treated with respect and care. We hope you enjoy knitting with Ranch 01, and can’t wait to see what you make!


  • Hello Jenni,

    Climate Beneficial is a specific name given to fibers that are grown using Carbon Farming practices. You can read more about what Carbon Farming is on the Fibershed website here:

    Given the current state of domestic textile manufacturing, mills, dye-houses, scouring facilities, and the like, are hard to come by thus requiring us to move fiber around by freight – at this moment there are less than a dozen large commercial yarn mills in the entire United States! We hope that as more knitters and makers become interested in supporting domestic textile manufacturing more textile operations will open up across the nation making the journey from sheep to skein shorter and in turn better for the earth.

    Jamie Maccarthy | BT Customer Service

    Jamie Maccarthy on

  • Beautiful yarn I was happy to score 2 skeins of Indigo 1 before its sold out. A bit too much for my pocket to make a sweater but plan on knitting a fabulous pair of very textural long winter mittens.

    dorothy on

  • This takes knitting to a whole other level. What a joyful process to be a part of. Thank you for introducing this. Can’t wait to try the yarn.

    Nancy on

  • Love reading about the sheep to skein process. The natural colors are so beautiful. It’s like reading about wines!

    Honest question-

    One thing I wonder about is the transport of all the goods-wool from CA to washing plant in TX to the dyer in PA to New England etc. it’s unavoidable, but real. Trucks on gas must have been used in the process.

    How does BT account for that when dubbing the collection Climate Beneficial?

    Jenni on

  • Beautiful.

    Josephine Howe on

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