The tailoring trade is a bottomless well of inspiration. Attention to detail, canny consideration of each fabric’s properties, pursuit of a perfect fit — at Brooklyn Tweed we hew to the same principles in our design work. Knowing we’d shoot this collection on the premises of Wildwood & Company, a bespoke tailoring studio in downtown Portland, we took our inspiration from fine examples of classic menswear. news_btf16_launch_0000_02_tamaracks Our mission for Fall 2016 was to create pairs of designs — one for him and one for her — that spring from a single concept. In some instances, small adjustments to the fit distinguish the two versions; in other cases a shift in scale or a major alteration to the garment’s shape achieves distinct but related looks.
Three of the collection's patterns — SpearheadsPavo, and Vika — bundle both versions as they are variations on the same pattern model. Since each version of the remainder of the collection was written independently in order to account for the nuances of tailoring to fit bodies of differing proportions, each version of these patterns is sold separately. Whether you’re in the mood to knit an understated pullover or a chunky statement piece, we’ve put together a collection that suits a wide range of fit and styling preferences. Cables, texture, a splash of colorwork — it’s all here. news_btf16_launch_0001_04_mohrs All Fall 16 patterns are now available for download on our website and on Ravelry. You’ll notice we’ve updated our pattern layout, too — we hope you’ll find the new format clear and supportive as you knit your next BT garment.
  We invite you to leaf through our new lookbook and stay awhile in the cool and tranquil atmosphere of Wildwood & Company. Welcome, all, and welcome, fall!


  • I have decided that from now on I will only purchase collections that include age diversity. Would also appreciate size diversity. I know you had a collection with an older model, not too long ago. I hope you will make this a practice not an exception. Knitters knit for,and come in, all sizes and ages. We would like to see all of us represented.

    Karen on

  • Wonderful collection !! Magnifique ! But why not a some in French ? It’s very difficult for many " tricoteuses françaises " to understand knitting instructions in english.

    rosy.antonetti on

  • Dear BT,

    As always, a gorgeous collection. I just purchased my patterns and am now trying to make that almost impossible decision of which colours to choose. Congrats to you all!

    Jennie on

  • wonderful collection! I want them all. Keep up the good work!

    D Hansen on

  • Wonderful! Congratulations on another beautiful collection. Bummed to have missed you at Fibre Space and hope it was a lovely time.

    Melissa on

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