If there's one thing my knitting has taught me, its to give as much time to a project as possible during the 'honeymoon' stage. When you can't stop thinking about it (at work, on your commute, etc.), that's a pretty good sign that you should work on it as much as possible. I really hate when I hit the initial 'loss of interest' stage, when project boredom comes a calling. Motivation seems to run away so easily in our fickle internet knitting world of too-many-prospective-projects and too-many-tempting-fibers. Well, I'm happy to say I'm not feeling the twinge of disinterest yet. There's only love for the SSAC around here so far, and it is flying.
SSAC Day One
The color may come as a shock to you if you saw my swatch - I swatched with some stash leftovers of the same yarn in a different color (from a recently finished sweater that you haven't seen yet). I forgot to mention that in my last post. I'm a bit worried that I didn't purchase enough yarn for this one, so I'm trying to be as conservative with the good stuff as possible. The yarn, one of my all time favorites, is Classic Elite Skye Tweed in a smokey forest green with blue and red flecks sprinkled about liberally (shade #1215). I attribute my love for knitting this sweater equally to both material and design. I'm enamored with both.
SSAC Day One
These photos were taken at the end of the day Sunday and there's been much more knitting done since then. As of last night, I weighed in at just over 10 inches on the body. Cross your fingers and hope that this knitting vigilance persists!


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