i'm starting the week off right with a new hat to wear around. i'll start by saying this pattern is GREAT! i'm generally not a knit-kit person, but this i can make an exception for. (i'm not 'anti-kit,' but usually i can find cheaper, more individual alternatives which i enjoy more anyway). the pictures you see here are taken before i blocked it, so there are a few tension issues. i actually had a more difficult time keeping even tension with my stranding this time (it came a bit easier on my mittens). i think this is mostly due to the fact that i was knitting magic-loop method using some really CRAP-tastic needles (aluminum 29" with an abysmal join and an even worse cable (coilly, hard plastic) - bought them way back before i knew the bliss of addi turbos). the needle situation caused for some frustration, but i was too anxious to make the hat and not ready to go out and buy something fancier. i hadn't anticipated going up 2 needle sizes, so i was a bit unprepared. anyway, i wet blocked it last night and the stitches evened out nicely. these pics will have to do for now though!
Ufserud (Front) pattern: ufserud bea ellis knitwear materials: dale of norway 'heilo' in #9155 (MC) and #9834 (CC). inner lining: aurora 'muskat' in color #44 needles: US 4 for lining and US 7 for stranded knitting (using magic loop) start date: 3/21/06 finish date: 3/26/06
modifications: i did a provisional cast on using crochet chain method and knit about 1 inch of the lining before turning the hem and launching into the stranding section. after shaping the crown, i went back and picked up my provisional live-stitches and knit the lining to the desired height (just under 3 inches). instead of binding off, i left the stitches live and sewed them to the inside. this provides the most elastic liningpossible. also, i had to go up two needle sizes, apparently i knit tightly in fair isle?
Ufserud (Side)Ufserud (Guts) side view :: inside out
thoughts: i like this hat a lot. its different from any in my collection (and i have many!). its really warm, but not itchy at all (thanks to the egyptian cotton lining). the sizing is practically perfect, which is lucky, because i didn't really get guage precisely, but just kind of went with what felt right (this usually never works). i highly recommend making one yourself! in other knitterly news, my strategy at tackling my project queue has begun. whats on deck? 1. the urban aran :: i've ordered the yarn and have the pattern and needles at the ready. i'm excited for this one, its been a couple of months since my last sweater, so i'm ready to go. 2. forbes forest :: yarn has been ordered. i'll be using shelridge farms soft touch ultra dk in a chocolate brown. should be arriving in the next couple of days. 3. ganomy v 2.0 :: this one wasn't on my list, but i'm adapting a version of EZ's ganomy hat for a worsted weight yarn. (i want one for myself). i'm in the process of fashioning a prototype... we'll see what happens. i'm using debbie bliss merino aran in taupe.


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