Naming your patterns can be a tricky business – finding just the right word that conveys the mood and feel of your design is a very important part of the design process. Sometimes when you find the perfect name, you learn later that that same name is already in use elsewhere, and in rare cases has been previously trademarked by another party. We do our best to properly vet all of our pattern names, but once in a blue moon find out that we've inadvertently stepped on the toes of another person's trademarked word. .

Sundottir by Dianna Walla

. So was the case with Dianna Walla's Skydottir pullover from Wool People 6. Dianna was recently contacted by a business in Seattle who has trademarked the name Skydottir and requested that we change the official name of the pattern. We were happy to oblige. Dianna has chosen to change the garment name to Sundottir – and as of today we are reflecting this change on our Ravelry listing as well as Thanks for listening (internal housekeeping doesn't always make for the most exciting blog content), and happy weekend to all!


  • I just love two-toned stranded work. LOVE ! Something about it just screams out ’I’m better than the rest’…lol

    Jen on

  • I think it’s nice that you changed the name, but also think it’s interesting that the cookie company was OK with using the iconic symbol of Chanel #5 for their perfume. Hmmm.

    Kristen on

  • Love the new name…. have this in my queue as it is so pretty!

    LIzy Tish on

  • It was nice of you to change the name but I don’t think they would have leg to stand on, legally. They’re not selling sweaters, or patterns, or anything vaguely like that….

    No matter what it’s called, the sweater is gorgeous!

    janna on

  • The cookie people? That’s interesting that a knitting pattern can’t share the name of a baking business according to trademark rules. So much about that stuff that I don’t know. Well at least the cookies are good! :) Sundottir is a great name as well.

    Jenelle on

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