saturday my big elann package came and i was finally able to start the urban aran i've been itching to knit. i didn't get a whole lot of knitting time in this weekend because the weather was un-REAL and i had to get outside and enjoy it. i guess i could have brought my knitting to prospect park, but it probably would have distracted from all the laying-in-the-sun-doing-nothing-but-enjoying-the-warmth-on-skin that was happening. the great thing about working with chunky weight yarn? even the most modest amount of weekend knitting time results in large chunks of completed sweater pieces. as of last night i'm already up to the armhole shaping. this is the back panel of the sweater. the front piece is patterned the same, although i'm splitting it into two pieces and adding a zipper to make this the 'urban cardigan.'
Urban Aran In Progress (Back)
i'll probably finish this sweater when the excruciating summer humidity is just starting to set in. not the best planning on my part, but hey, what're you gonna do? summer goal is to beef up my sweater collection anyway (for the fall), so this can be the start of that process i guess.


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